The Painter Without a Brush

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All of nature

is painted without a brush

filled with glorious hues

splashed on the canvas

Flowers and butterflies,

bullfrogs and dragonflies

A gallery of starry nights

Silver moon glows bright

Sunrise/Sunsets filled

with a kaleidoscope of color

Continuously changing

before our very eyes

Landscapes of mountains

deserts and plains

oceans rivers

lakes and streams

With red trees of green

thousands of years old

Towering strong…

feet covered

with a needles

And then there is us

painted only for a season

Ephemeral beauty all

short lived full of Spirit

The canvas always changes

when Master Painter makes the call

Today at d’Verse we are writing Ekphratic poems picking one of the five Painting titles give to us by Laura. We are to write our poems painting word pictures describing what that might mean. They we have the option of writing an ekphratic poem from the actual painting itself. I chose The Painter Without a Brush (abstract iii). (Painting below)

Above Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The original painting: Gerhard Richter – ABSTRAKTES BILD, 1987

Chaos of nature

Splashes of color perfect

Brushless painter’s joy

Join us at: https//

75 thoughts on “The Painter Without a Brush

  1. Goodness you painted nature with such relish in your brushwork and leaving to last us ephemeral creatures – I like the nod to the Master Painter though. The ekphrastic is short and brilliant in colour and execution.
    p.s. one small point, the poem’s title needed to be the same as the artwork except I wrongly titled it (oops)- the artist is painter without a brush and the work is simply “abstract iii”

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  2. How delightful to read your poetic tribute to the wonders of Nature, which is always close to my heart.
    Fascinating photo as well! I had a serpent visitor in my back yard the other week, a rather large python with gorgeous markings.
    It will be getting too cold for them to venture too far soon.

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