American Tossed Salad

Peanut Salad - Tossed (2)

Some say America’s a melting pot
People from all nations blending together
Immigrants searching for a better life
I believe America is really a tossed salad
A mix of oil and vinegar // freedom and law
Spread over a variety of unique cultures
Rich in heritage, traditions, and values
A mix of spicy music, art, and creativity
Races and religions respected from around the globe
A toss of unique cultures all working together
Give and take is needed to bring out the flavor
A cultural tossed salad // the envy of the world
So, yes, melting pot seems NOT the best metaphor
How sad it would be to be one bland blend
Losing all that uniqueness and no flavor in the end

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15 thoughts on “American Tossed Salad

  1. I’ve adhered to that philosophy for as long as I can remember. My mom used to tell me that we were a melting pot. Back in the 40s, she was appalled at mixed marriages and said disdainfully that we’d all be one color someday. I remember my pre-teen mind rebelling at her prejudice and loving the people who looked beyond our outsides. Lord, help us to see one another through Jesus glasses – and relish the colors in our salad bowl as we appreciate the flavors of all our rich ethnicities!!

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