American Tossed Salad

Peanut Salad - Tossed (2)

Some say America’s a melting pot
People from all nations blending together
Immigrants searching for a better life
I believe America is really a tossed salad
A mix of oil and vinegar // freedom and law
Spread over a variety of unique cultures
Rich in heritage, traditions, and values
A mix of spicy music, art, and creativity
Races and religions respected from around the globe
A toss of unique cultures all working together
Give and take is needed to bring out the flavor
A cultural tossed salad // the envy of the world
So, yes, melting pot seems NOT the best metaphor
How sad it would be to be one bland blend
Losing all that uniqueness and no flavor in the end

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My Faith


Faith is the floodplain of Grace
Where I plant my roots to grow
Giving me the strength I need
To find meaning and purpose in life
Faith is the floodplain of Grace
Where conscience and moral values
Are cultivated throughout my lifetime;
Bringing meaning and purpose to life
Faith brings meaning and purpose to life
Sharing in a community of likeminded
Believers who support and encourage
One another to become all we can be
Faith is my connection to God
Community is the cement holding us,
The lively stones // the believers in Christ,
Together in love and fellowship
Faith is the floodplain of Grace where I am rooted
The source of who I am

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Rights and Freedoms

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I have always been told it is not wise to bring up Politics or Religion because they are so polarizing and controversial. Sadly, I enjoy discussing both!  Today marks the day, last year, when marchers clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia.  White Nationalists and Left Wing Protestors who opposed their racist agenda got out of hand when a car was driven through the crowd, killing a woman who could not get out of the way. It centered around the push to take down Confederate Statues that honored Civil war soldiers who were fighting to keep slavery.  Tensions ran high as this and other similar issues were debated all over the country. This poem has lots of questions and not too many answers.

Rights and Freedoms

What happens when a societal group
Gains freedoms they did not have before
Do the rights one gains
Mean the rest of society
Loses some of theirs?

Do the demands of one
Now impose changes
Affecting values and beliefs…
Punching holes in the culture
Filling them with new patches
On long held old garments?

Perhaps new rights are positive
Adding embellishments
To a two-hundred-year-old culture?

Seems to me // it is like a balloon
That when squeezed on one end
Causes it to pop up on the other…
Giving rise to protests and resistance.

Perhaps the US is not the melting pot
That everyone keeps imagining it to be.

Diversity does not always guarantee inclusion!


Painting: Dwight L. Roth


Thoughts on Sanitizing Society


Are we back to bonfires and book burnings in the public square. Attempts to obliterate what offends us usually do not work. Many times they backfires and creates more problems than if left alone. As I watched the Hope and Change unfold over the last eight years I realized it was not the hope and change I voted for back in 2004. It appears to he a total change of our society as we have know it over the past two hundred years. To me it seems that we are attempting to sanitize society of the things our country was founded upon. Christianity it appears is offensive to many who no longer value religion as a founding principle, therefore it needs to be systematically sanitized from society. My thoughts below are from my observation of things that have occurred and are presently occurring in our society. I am sure some of you may have a different perspective, but this is what I believe is happening. You are welcome to disagree. I welcome the discussion.

Sanitizing Society

Where will it stop

Our cleansing of things offensive

First it is religion

Anything Christian must go

Erased from the public sector

Wiped from our courthouses

Even though it was from this perspective

Our Republic was founded

Do away with Christmas in the square

It might be offensive to other faiths

No prayer to God in public meetings

It might offend someone with a different god

Attempts to take “In God We Trust” off our money

Attempts to remove “under God” from the pledge

Apparently we are not under God any longer

No books in school may discuss Christianity

Might influence little formative minds

But tolerance toward other minorities

With different moral values is no problem

Now it is Confederate Statues in the parks

Revealing a dark time in our Nation’s History

Don’t want to be reminded

No respect for countrymen who fell for a losing cause

Dark minds emerge to bring resistance and division

Fueling their ranks with even more followers

Now the dominos are falling all around

Here it is the change of street names

That might offend the offended

What will be next in our cleansing sweep

Perhaps sanitizing the Capital Dome

Of all Religious engravings there

Or perhaps Billy Graham from the parkway

History always has a dark side

Sometimes we choose to forget

Yet History does not go away

Just because we sanitize it

Religion does not die

Because it is cleansed from the public square

Perhaps we could learn from ourselves

Our bodies teach us well

When exposed to a little of everything

Immunity is built up

Sanitized from all germs or dirt

Children grow sickly and weak

The same is true of our country

We need to see and be exposed

To the dark side of our History

So when our children grow up

They will be immune to the evil

And hate practiced in the past

Sanitizing History from society

Only makes our country weaker

Forgetting our foundation principals

Makes us amoral and lacking ethics

Rise up and teach your children well

They will follow in your steps


Photo: Dwight L. Roth