Chipper Chipmunk

Little Chipper Chipmunk climbs my pole
Right through the slinky// his head in the hole
Stuffs cheeks with my seeds; but pays me no toll
His bulging cheeks full of sunflower seeds
Enough to supply his every need
Jumps the slinky like he’s riding a steed
Slides to the bottom // he’s off like a shot
Moved in under my deck, like it or not
I think it is time for a trav’ ling plot
He might be too cute and he might be smart
But I couldn’t afford him from the start
So, I shall set my trap and do my part
I tried it once but he came right back
Didn’t go far enough for him not to back track
This time, I’ll take him where he won’t get back
Into the big woods across the wide way
Where he can climb oak trees and feel them sway
Now I’ll have more seeds for the birds each day

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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39 thoughts on “Chipper Chipmunk

  1. Amazing ‘munk found his way down the spring to the feeder! I was putting food out for a stray cat and tried to trap the cat, putting a bowl of food in the back of it, where they step on a pedal that sets it off. I hadn’t been in the house a minute when the trap went off and thought I hadn’t set it right. Then I set the bowl out where I could see it from the window. Amazed, ‘munk climbed into the bowl and started stuffing his cheeks, running across the driveway to his cement pile home, emptying cheeks and returning. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure the stray cat (or coyotes, like I thought!) were eating the food. They are voracious little rascals!

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