Shedding Religion… Finding God

The older I get the simpler life becomes
I feel sort of like a tree shedding it bark
End of life // is not too far in the future;
makes me stop and think…
“What is really important and true?”
The older I get
the more focused faith becomes;
Moving beyond religious trappings
guilt, fear, and control;
(Knowing those
were nailed to the cross for me.)
Understanding God’s grace in my life
brings me peace;
Knowing I am blessed
to have lived this long
in good health.
I let go of all those things
I once felt obligated to do;
Understanding that the metaphors,
taken so literally by some,
Are there to guide me along the way…
not to prove right or wrong.
I let go of “streets paved with gold”
and “mansions over the hilltop…”
knowing God is Spirit;
No need there
of physical things
we hold so dear.
I believe the image of God
is not flesh and blood
nor what I put on or take off,
but rather an attitude of spirit
that is loving and compassionate.
I came to the realization
that all those prayers I prayed
demanding results
never got past the ceiling.
I realize prayer is meant
to change me // not them
Prayer brings me closer to God,
as I focus on my needs
and the needs of others.
Infomercial religion has no appeal to me
…nor or to God…
There is no place for peddling the gospel
for personal gain…
nor to exert control over the faithful.
Hamster cage religion
leaves me frustrated
and going in circles;
Faith and action bring a feeling
of authenticity and connection.
Church should be uplifting…
an encouraging fellowship
full of good news
connecting us with God
showing us how to love as Jesus loved.
To me the Bible is my guide …
not my God…
words of truth to live by.

Photo:  Dwight L. Roth

16 thoughts on “Shedding Religion… Finding God

  1. Amen, my friend! Religion has indeed become watered down and embellished as you noted. The older I get, the more I pray and work towards a closer and more intimate relationship with God, asking Him to change anything in me that is hindering my walk with Him and to have a more discerning spirit. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      • You know, I too struggled about speaking out about some contradictions I heard, and later discovered that God spoke and revealed some things differently to me. I wondered why so many people I spoke to talked about the hypocrisy they picked up on from religious/spiritual leaders that was not scriptural (and embellished) and the doctrines were unsound. This subject matter is indeed a sensitive issue, but when something seems more fluff than truth, and it disturbs your spirit, that’s when you take out the meat, leave the scraps and pray for true revelation and discernment of His Word! You wrote a heartwarming post Dwight! 😀

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