I Married a Cat… She Married a Dog


The old adage, “opposites attract” often holds true when it comes to husbands and wives. I have also heard that the things that attract us are what we argue and fuss about as time goes on. You have heard about “fighting like cats and dogs!”  I have come to the conclusion that Cats marry Dogs and vice versa. This became the inspiration for this poem. See what you think.


I Married a Cat… She Married a Dog

I married a cat

Sleek and beautiful

Strong and independent

Yet likes to come and be close

When she is ready and feeling loved

Claims the house as her space

Demands attention when things get neglected

Purring when things go right

Scratching when things go wrong

Loving and caring and always there

I married a cat!


She married a dog

A co-dependent creature

Full of noise and excitement

Always barking about something

Demanding attention

Not to be denied

Protective and possessive

Tail wagging and drooling for love

Always wanting more

Assuming and thoughtless

Taking everything for granted

Leaving sheadings everywhere he goes

Always there when things get tough

Full of love and compassion

A wife’s best friend

She married a dog!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



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