What is a Book?


I wonder if books will one day become obsolete.  Perhaps they will be like hieroglyphics dug up by archeologists.  My grandparents never imagined anything like computers, that can store and retrieve information in an instant. I watched in awe at the emergence of digital machines over the past fifty years. Who knows what will be invented in the next fifty.  I decided to use my imagination and write a humorous poem about books in the future year of 2616!

What is a Book

Will someone ask in 2616

What’s this odd thing I found in a bin

Packed full of paper and covered with words

Who would save this how absurd

Archeologists say it looks like a book

Haven’t seen one of those I never had a look

What a cumbersome stack of papers

Reading through that would give me the vapors

All this could be stored on the point of a pin

A chip so small and so very thin

They say there were buildings full of these things

They called them libraries and invited people in

To sit down and read the print on the page

And check out books it was quite the rage

If they took it out and didn’t bring it back

A fine was charged to remind them of that

Can’t imagine ever reading a book

Can you imagine how much time that took



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