The Spirit of Christmas


When spirits join in perfect harmony
There is Peace
The joy of sharing one’s soul
Brings Balance
Spirits rise in joyful song
Experiencing Community
When spirits find joy in self-less giving
There is Gratitude
When God’s Spirit touches our spirit
There is Agape Love

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Posted on d’Verse for the prompt Spirit. We are to write a quadrille of only 44 words using any form of the word Spirit.  To me, soul and spirit are very hard to separate. Today I have looked at spirit from several different perspective.

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The Making of Me

IMG_2440 (2)

Not sugar and spice;
Sometimes not even so nice;
Flesh and blood I am…
a body that will not last.
Just like the junk we buy…
I too am disposable.
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes
has me covered from beginning to end.
Maybe the evolutionists got it wrong?
We all came from dust and ashes;
Water just facilitates our staying alive.
God must have had fun
making mud pies…
Ending up with me!
What we can’t explain
Is that elusive Spirit
living part time
in my dust and ashes;
Quietly slipping back to its origins
As this body reaches its end…
The image of God // the soul-spirit
lives on… returning to the
handler of dust and ashes


Photo taken at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Amaya, at d’Verse, talked about the different views of the origins of matter and of you and me. Essential elements and forms of matter have been recognized by different people, cultures and religions all the way through the centuries. People looked at the stars and developed astrological explanations of matter.  Instead of looking at the astrological aspects, I decided to go straight to the heart of matter… Me!

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Spirit Questions

IMG_3452 Spirit Questions (a Rubaiyat)

Where dwells the spirit before life begins

Waiting to entwine with genes at man’s whim

Does it float in space riding red star dust

Or in ocean waves where the teeming swim


Where dwells the spirit when I took my first

Breath of life merged with heart and lungs first thirst

Spirit seems at home in this flesh and bone

Fragile body // heart pumping till it bursts


Where does my spirit dwell when life is done

As eyes close in death and the race is run

Breath leaves the body and the spirit’s rises

Rejoining spirit with Spirit // lives on


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today Frank at d’Verse asked us to write a rubia or a rubaiyat.

“A rubai or stanza in a rubaiyat is four lines long and rhymes AABA in iambic pentameter meter. That is how Edward Fitzgerald translated Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat. Khayyam was an 11th century Persian. Fitzgerald’s translation appeared in 1859.”

This is my first attempt at this so I hope I come close to what is expected.

Spirit Rising


Soul Gazing

When my spirit rises

Unencumbered and free

No weight or worry accompanies me

Interesting that I value things

When in the end the spirit flies

Leaving them all behind

How much I worry and fret

But this too shall pass when I am gone

My spirit rises out of this shell

A virtual butterfly reborn

From caterpillar to chrysalis

Reborn in the image of God

Spirit Creator Redeemer Savior

Knowing there is no place for the earthly

In the spirit world beyond

I can’t take it with me

But then again… Why would I want to

When my spirit rises

Leaving it all behind


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Paul at d’Verse asked us to write a soulful poem (soul gazing) for our Tuesday prompt. This poem expresses what I believe happens when we leave this world and our spirit rises and returns to our creator.

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Joy and Happiness


Nothing brings me joy and happiness more than being with my grandchildren. It is such a great thing to watch them grow and turn into young adults. Joy and Happiness are two words that are often shared during the Christmas Holiday Season.  It is interesting in the story of the angels coming to the shepherds, the message was not one of happiness, but of Great Joy. Happiness is dependent on circumstances, while I believe joy is something that fills the soul. Joy is more enduring, and can be felt even when things do not go the way we wish. It is always good when we can experience both.

Joy and Happiness

Happiness is a little bird
Perched on the rail
Right within my grasp
Only to fly away
The moment
I reach out to take hold of it.
Joy is the blood
Pumping through my veins
A constant rhythm of rejuvenation
Not something to be possessed
Rather something to be
Joy is what keeps my soul alive



The Beach has Soul


The Beach has Soul

Went to the beach today only a week into spring

Sunshine a cool breeze and no phone to ring

Drove three hours for a day of fun


I asked myself why we go through all this

But for her it‘s worth it a moment of bliss

Sand dunes with beach chairs lugged across



Better than summer I love this time of year

The waves are gentle the sky is clear

Low temps warm sun less people to deal with



Families know it’s all about kids

Shovels sandcastles and coolers with lids

Running and squealing with each cold wave



It is now seven-thirty see the sun’s orange hue

Can’t believe those kids are not turning blue

Three little ones still playing in the icy cold waves



The ocean’s beauty draws all to its shores

The beach has soul we keep coming back for more

Sunburns and jellyfish riptides and grit

Memories of fun we will never forget


Photos of Myrtle Beach, SC:  Dwight L. Roth


Splitting the Heart

Ruel's wooden bald eagle.

Older folks have so many stories to tell if only someone will take the time to ask and listen.  I always enjoy hearing stories of life before my time. I worked for a boss who was in his seventies and when asked about his past, he told us some most interesting stories. It reminds me of taking a log and splitting it open to see what is in the center. When you cut to the into the log you begin to see the beautiful wood grain that has come from years of growth. When planed down, that grain becomes a work of art, a thing of beauty. The same is true when people share their heart. Take time to listen and ask question. It is amazing what you will hear.

Splitting the Heart

Memories are meant to be opened

Just as a log is meant to be split

Revealing the beauty of its past

Grains rich with uniqueness

Only seen when the heart is opened`


Layers of memories like wood grain

Embedded in the heart of our being

Appreciated only when they are revealed


Some logs lay for years

Preserved by the swamp in which they lie

Only to be found, opened, and viewed with awe


Others rot away

Destroyed by circumstances beyond their control

Memories lost in the compost heap of time




Some go up in flames

Fleeting memories

Soon lost in smoke and ashes


Beauty lies not in the rugged bark

Nor in the gnarled limbs

But in the split layers of the heart


Inner beauty laid bare… uniqueness of the soul

Cherished memories… the story our life



Wood sculpture by Ruel Detweiler –  Bald Eagle Intarsia 15″ wide x 26″ tall
Woods used: Aspen, Walnut, Red Bay, Spalted Birch, Mulberry and Poplar. No stains used; all natural color.

The red oak bench made from recycled truck racks by Dwight Roth.

The Lover That Won’t Let Me Go


You’re the Lover That Won’t Let Me Go

The maternal instinct is found in almost all animal, birds, and humans. We do whatever is necessary to and provided for and keep our children safe.  The Bible describes God as having that same desire to care for and sustain his children. The Psalmist says, “As a father cares for his children, so my Father cares for me.” Just as the bird in the photo above starts life totally dependent on its mother for food, we to need to realize that it is God’s mercy and grace that sustains us. This poem metaphorically describes our relationship with God as two lovers reaching out in antiphonal love for one another. This was originally written as a song. 

You’re the lover of my soul     

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me 

…I call out to you

You’re the lover that won’t let me go

Lord, you are the one I adore 

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me   

…I call out to you

You’re the Lover that won’t let me go


Your beauty is everywhere      

…I feel your love and care…

Holy Spirit, speak into my soul

…and draw my heart to you

You’re the lover of my soul     

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me    

…I call out to you

You’re the lover that won’t let me go


Your truth is in your Word       

…that I so often heard

Open my eyes that I may see   

…the beauty of your grace

Lord, you are the one I adore  

…the one that won’t let me go

                You call out to me                

…I call out to you

You’re the Lover that won’t let me go

Your love makes me alive        

… It makes me realize

Without you Jesus, I am lost   

…but with you I’m satisfied

You’re the lover of my soul     

 …the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me

…I call out to you

You’re the lover that won’t let me go

Lord, you are the one I adore

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me

…I call out to you

You’re the Lover that won’t let me go