Liquid Love

IMG_E6218 (2)

Love is not something solid

that you give to someone

such as a gift at Christmas.

It is not a gift card from Target

with a dollar amount written on it

It is not even the wedding rings

that tie us together in matrimony


Love is emotional water

quenching the thirst of the soul

It is spiritual fluidity that can only

be passed through a hug

a kind word

or a smile

It is a feeling that connects two souls

subtle, yet strong and magnetizing


Love is the liquid that lights a fire

in one’s inner being

that lifts and sustains

Love is the inspiration of God’s Spirit,

the blood of God flowing through us

enabling us to become the “Word made flesh”


After reading Astrid’s post on the Act of Love, I felt inspired to continue her thought even further…

The Act of Love – Astrid’s Words (

Sharing this for the Open Link on d’Verse Poets Pub 

Old Black and White Photo: Dwight L. Roth





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