Cotton Fields

IMG_1341 (2)

On my way to work today, I saw the sun shining on the cotton fields and had to stop and take some photos. It won’t be long until the cotton picker will come through and collect the cotton bolls into big rectangular bales. This is quite different from cotton picking by hand two-hundred years ago.  When I see cotton growing it always brings to mind the song, “Cotton Fields,” made popular by country music star, Charley Pride. Synthetic fabrics became a trend during the past century, but nothing matches the feel and comfort of cotton.

Blanket of white cotton

stretches into the distance

Waiting for harvest

IMG_1347 (2)

IMG_1349 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


32 thoughts on “Cotton Fields

  1. Wonderful post, Dwight. Many are gone, but there are a few cotton fields left in my region. My aunt and uncle had a cotton rooting business in the SW and my mom and her sisters picked it! Character building! It is beautiful to photograph.

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  2. Cotton picking is tough. I tried a day of it as a freshman in Oklahoma in 1954. Dragging a 10 foot (?) bag with the strap around your neck while straddling the row of cotton plants takes effort. Add the hot sun and the wind that drives the red OK dust into skin and clothes. I certainly didn’t “pick a bale of cotton” –maybe 1/4th.

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    • Thank you, David, for your comments. I cannot imagine picking cotton the way you describe. And then after the cotton is picked, they took Machetes and chopped up the stems so the field could be plowed! A whole lot of manual labor!


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