Blood and Poppies

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Each Memorial Day, when I was young, the large community cemetery behind our church filled with flags that waved across the sloping hillside. Volunteers from the VFW commemorate those soldiers, who died in service to their country, by placing a flag on each grave. I never saw any poppies growing as in Flanders’s Field, but many other flowers dotted the hillside along with the flags.

Memories are mixed

Joy and sorrow flows freely

as blood // and poppies

wave on the resting places

of those who never came home

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

32 thoughts on “Blood and Poppies

  1. Beautiful tribute, Dwight. I was deeply moved visiting a Canadian war cemetery here in the Netherlands and so were my two daughters and their friend who was holidaying with us. I grew up attending the ANZAC day (memorial) dawn ceremony in New Zealand.

    My great-granddads served in WWI (and both my granddads in WWII also). My Mum never liked her granddad growing up, but after studying toward her counseling diploma her heart was softened with great compassion for him, as she wept reading of shell shock and its impact on soldiers like her Granddad. The sacrifice given was not just by those who died, but also those who suffered for the remainder of their lives. Makes me think of the Uvalde children, who will carry that trauma with them. May God bring healing to those souls who are bound by the trauma they have walked through in war zones – and in school classrooms, where military weapons have been used to kill their fellow classmates and deeply wound them too.

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