The Sweetest way to Die

The Sweetest way to Die

There’s no one at home, I don’t hear a sound

Said one tiny ant to another deep under ground

No footsteps, no TV, no voices to be heard


Tiny ants were sent out to assess the situation

Came back with the assurance, of the house’s evacuation

Time for a house party, they all shouted hurrah!


Through cracks in the floor, windows, and walls

Tiny ants marched in and went straight to the pantry

Slipped into the Wheat Thins, and crawled in the chips

But their favorite of all, Hungry Jack’s Syrupy sip

Under the lid they squeezed through the cracks

Into that bottle of heavenly smack


This is so great said one to the other

So they sipped and imbibed until all were quite hyper

Drunk on the sweetness they couldn’t find their way

back out the top, so they were stuck for the day


What will we do the tiny ants cried

How will we get out of this bottle alive

No need to worry said the tiny ant leader

This is like heaven, life couldn’t be sweeter


So they sipped and they sighed, and then they all died

For we all know too much sugar can can kill our insides

They partied their life away in a sticky death’s  dance


And when we arrived home, she said,

Oh no, we have ants!”

For our Tuesday prompt at d’Verse, Sarah asked us to write about creepy crawlers. I chose tiny ants, because when we came back from our family weekend at the beach the little buggers were all in our pantry. They were so small I could barely see them. My wife found them, and so instead of sitting down to catch our breath, we had to clean out the pantry and spray for tiny ants. This is my poem from the ants point of view. How did they know we weren’t at home??

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

69 thoughts on “The Sweetest way to Die

  1. Wow love your take on ants, when I saw the title I was actually expecting a totally different poem possibly on life but I’m loving the way you just describe the ants, and I think we can learn one thing from the ants party which is greediness leads to nowhere 🙃❣

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  2. Lol! Wonderfully done, Dwight. And an important lesson there as well. If things are insolvable, resign oneself in peace and make the best of it. I once left some candy on a table and a happy string of ants marched to and fro to collect the goodies. My wife shreeked, but I could have watched them for hours, neat, labouring little creatures. I admire ants. 🙂

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  3. This is the cuuutest thing I’ve read in the longest time! How sweet! 😍 Atleast they had a sweet death. High-quality poets can make poetry out of anything 🙂 Those ants had a sweet death and also ended up becoming your muse. This was splendid! 😍👌

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  4. A delightful poem, Dwight! ❤ You could write a whole children's picture book about this experience.

    When I lived in an 8th-floor condo in DC, tiny ants found their way up to the apartment. Robert and I have to store our raisins in a glass jar. Tiny ants love raisins! Who knew? Ants are enterprising and fascinating creatures, but I don't want them in my house. Fire ants are especially unwelcome in our yard for the pain they inflict! We remain at war with them. 🙂

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  5. Dwight, I love the term you used for syrup: “heavenly smack.” That *is* curious how they invaded when you were out of the house. They probably have lookouts stationed everywhere. You’re home is under ant surveillance!

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  6. HAHAHAHA! 😀 🐜 Eek! 🐜 Ack! 🐜 On, No! 🐜
    But, as for the ants, “What a way to go”! 😉 🐜
    I’d rather they be into the food than in our pants! 😮 🐜 HA! 🐜
    I hope the ants that invaded your house are now gone…hope they are on vacation to somewhere else! 🐜
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    🐜 🐜 🐜

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