“The isolated Model T truck bears the weight and pride of a hundred years of rust, becoming prairie art and sentinel.” – Glenn Buttkus

Rusty old truck

“Blind in one eye

can’t see out of the other”

Hasn’t moved in many years

Unlike us, it still has its shape

Sitting in the desert

sandblasted by high winds

Undaunted by freezing cold

Reflecting a time of revolution

Industrial revolution

When steel was king

and horse drawn buggies

were becoming obsolete.

Growing old alone

Just like us…

Today at d’Verse, Sanaa asked us to consider minimalist photography. She share some photos from fellow blogger Glenn Buttkus, and asked us to pick one and write an Ekphrastic poem about it. I chose the old Model T truck sitting in the field.

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73 thoughts on “Parked

  1. You captured the essence of this rusted beast in its environment. I didn’t think about how old this thing is and how well-preserved for being such harsh elements. They used to be built to last. Now you get a fender bender and it’s totaled.

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  2. Dwight,
    It might be obsolete and old, but it’s “undaunted” and king of that landscape, with a dignity in its aloneness. All beautifully captured by your words. 💯

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  3. I love this, Dwight! You captured much about life and ageing. And the old truck even though neglected over the years was built to last. I doubt if future generations will see a vehicle built today look as good as the old truck 50 years from now.

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  4. This is incredibly potent, Dwight! Somehow I knew you’d pick this photograph, and I was right 😀 you did so and beautifully 💝💝 I especially like the reference to; “Industrial revolution when steel was king and horse drawn buggies were becoming obsolete.” Thank you so much for writing to the prompt.

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  5. One eye blind and can’t see out the other…Dwight, you’re a master of words. For some reason I thought of The Walton’s (one of my favorite shows…still!) the Disney movie, Cars, and Bonnie and Clyde (original movie, one of my favs)! And that’s my brain for you. 😀

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