Geometric Strength

EER_0399 (4)

Triangles form curved

arches spanning New River

Solid steel rainbow

EER_0405 (3)

Cars hum on asphalt

Tractor trailors test its strength

Fractals of steel rust


Winding steps go down

Stairway to “Almost Heaven…”

“West Virginia”

Photos of New River Bridge: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lisa asked us to reflect on fractals and how they could be used in poetry. They are small replicas within reflecting a larger whole. The New River Bridge crosses the New River Gorge in West Virginia. I drove across it and then stopped and took some photos. It is most impressive to see. The way the steel is put together… small triangles creating and arch which creates large triangles on each side of the bridge… is amazing. I wrote in Haiku creating poetic fractals of the larger whole poem.  Hopefully my understanding of this is correct.

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“The isolated Model T truck bears the weight and pride of a hundred years of rust, becoming prairie art and sentinel.” – Glenn Buttkus

Rusty old truck

“Blind in one eye

can’t see out of the other”

Hasn’t moved in many years

Unlike us, it still has its shape

Sitting in the desert

sandblasted by high winds

Undaunted by freezing cold

Reflecting a time of revolution

Industrial revolution

When steel was king

and horse drawn buggies

were becoming obsolete.

Growing old alone

Just like us…

Today at d’Verse, Sanaa asked us to consider minimalist photography. She share some photos from fellow blogger Glenn Buttkus, and asked us to pick one and write an Ekphrastic poem about it. I chose the old Model T truck sitting in the field.

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The Age of Steam

IMG_9824 (2)
There is something very fascinating
about steam trains huffing and puffing
when you are seven years old.
I watch it coming up the track…
First, a white light
shining through clouds of smoke;
Then a mighty black dragon of steel
rolls through Martin crossing;
Bell clanging
Whistle blowing
Piercing the evening air.
Rhythmic clacking of wheels
shines steel rails to a mirror finish.
Cars, the color of coal dust,
are piled high with chunks of black gold…
Coke from the ovens that
fuels the blast furnaces in Pittsburgh.
I count the cars …a hundred or more…
and finally, the red caboose passes by
disappearing in the distance.
The Pennsylvania Dragon chugs on;
soon to go the way of the dinosaurs…
Lost somewhere back in time.


Train Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Tonight is open link at d’Verse. I wrote this as a submission to Old Mountain Press for the upcoming anthology, Old Times Not Forgotten.

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Sculpture of Life


Years ago a friend of mine allowed me to try my had at wire-wielding. This is the result! It is a fascinating experience joining steel with steel. It reminds me of relationships that have forged who I am. Some strong, some fragile, others odd and some unique! One thing is for sure, great relationships create lasting bonds that are always there no matter how near or far they may be. They are like these bonds of steel never to be broken. This sculpture is a tribute to the people in my life.

Sculpture of Life

Fused bonds molten steel

Melting wire rides to its destiny

Electric fire too bright to see

Fusing retinas just as easily

Sparks of raging resistance

Yielding under intense heat

Creating scars from molten glue

Strong where two hearts meet

Relationships from the scrap bucket

Eternally joined with unforeseen connection

Forging a sculpture of strength

Finding Love and great affection

Odd coupling rejects

Sculpted  beauty of rugged proportion

A steely conjoining

Monument to uniqueness and perfection

Every relationship

Brings special breadth and depth

Each one unique

Fragile strong yet always kept

Relationship bonds

Never again rejected

Strength in the scars

and very eclectic


Photo and Sculpture: Dwight L. Roth