Street Musicians – Tuba Skinny – in New Orleans French Quarter


Music is life

The very essence of love

lost in sweet lyrics.

Lethal dose cuts to the heart

Deafeningly loud / lit and wild

Today, Bjorn at d’Verse, asked to write a poem using a list from google search. By putting in a word or two and a letter, the search fill in the rest for us. I used bing search and typed in Music is l… It filled in Music is life and then gave a sub-list of additional l words for music is life. See below.

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The poem above is in tanka form, based on the theme Music is Life… I highlighted the other words from the sub-list.

The music in the video is a group know as Tuba Skinny. They are a group of street performers in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I love listening to their music. The couples in the video dance so effortlessly as though the music flows right through them. Enjoy!

music is life

  • music is love
  • music is love lyrics
  • music is lit
  • music is loud
  • music is lethal

music is life quote

63 thoughts on “Music

  1. your video had me totally mesmerised Dwight … the talent flowed, music, song and dance! If the pub provides more of this entertainment I may never go home … it’s just as I imagined NO would be 🙂

    Your delightful verse tells it well!

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  2. Dwight, Loved your poem and the music. This video is so wonderful and joyous, and I enjoyed watching the dancers! ❤ New Orleans jazz is some of my favorite music, and visits to New Orleans live in my memories.

    A couple of days ago, I had to rest my eyes, so I asked Alexa for Preservation Hall Jazz Band and closed my eyes for a while. I also listened to some classical music while resting my eyes. Music made the time pass pleasantly! Have a great Friday! Cheryl

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    • I just happened on this group about a year ago. They have many clips on Youtube. Some with all music and some with voice as well. It is just lively and upbeat. Just what we need in this time. Thanks Cheryl. So glad you enjoyed it!

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  3. Hi Dwight, sorry I’m a day late getting around to reading others poems. I love that you dealt with music in yours, I agree with your perspective on the gift of music. It is a huge part of my life. And I love the video of tuba skinny, put a smile on my face. Great work overall here!

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  4. Yes, yes, and YES, Dwight! YAY for music! 🙂 You’ve captured it tunefully in your tanka-poem! 🙂
    It is wonderful to lose ourselves in music…listening, singing along, playing along, dancing! 🙂
    When we visited New Orleans my fav part was the street musicians…singers and dancers!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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