What We All Seek

IMG_2947 (2)
So many people
all with differing views
in our changing world
looking for love and kindness
Seeking Authenticity
Some seek their truth
Answers that define us all
Uniqueness shines through
Reveals how different we are
Seeking Authenticity
So many voices
lost in the thundering roar
crying to be heard
claiming their place in the world
Seeking Authenticity
We are a mix
like it or not // here to stay
Proud of who we are
As the wheels… go round and round
Seeking Authenticity

My Zinnia Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Anmol shared that in the midst of all that is going on, June is Gay Pride month. He asked us to write a poem that relates to this. I decided to look at what I feels is the motivating factor underlying all that is happening, and that, I believe, is being recognized as authentic! I decided to use the Tanka form for this poem, and do several stanzas.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

57 thoughts on “What We All Seek

  1. Stunning use of repetition here that echoes the message and sentiments we are so desperately trying to get across! ❤️ A new favorite from you 🙂

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    • We come from a century of small closed cultural groups now into a world where everyone wants everyone else to think exactly like they do!! Very difficult for some of us older folks!


  2. Poet Dwight: I enjoy seeing how your put your poetic muse to work in specific ‘forms’ and come up with social statement ideas beautifully expressed!
    Plus, Zinnias are always a dose of happy in-your-face color – nice photo!

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  3. It’s so sad that anyone should have to seek authenticity. There is hope in these lines…”We are a mix
    like it or not // here to stay”. I read your last stanza again, flipping the two messages around. Hmm….even more hope.


  4. This is so good. I like the way you re-use the line ‘seeking authenticity’. It works for me as a stilling anchor and counterpoint for the clamour you express so well in each other line of the poem. For me, by the last iteration, it so subtly changes the message to ‘seek within’. Such a vibrant poem so well matched to the vibrant flower image. I like that the bits we see first, the gorgeous pink bracts, are not the real flower. The yellow inner ring is made up of many little real but equally vibrant flowers. Masterful. I’m just in awe!

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    • Thank you so much for you wonderful kind assessment of my poem. Authenticity is greatly lacking in our world today, especially in News and Politics. Your words are a great encouragement to me. Thank you again!

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