I Am Here!

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          One never hides his face when reaching the summit of a mountain. The long and arduous journey, up the treacherous rock face, challenges all that we have within us. Reaching the top, we see the grand vista below.
It calls for us to cry out, “I’m here!!” “I made it to the top!”
And, as we pause, we hear the echo of our voice, reverberating from the distant valley,
“I am here! …am here!” .. am here!”
“I made it to the top! …the top … the top”
          As I reflect on D. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, at the Lincoln Memorial, I see the same thing happening.
          Maya Angelou described it this way,

“The Rock cries out to us today,
You may stand upon me,
But do not hide your face.”

We still hear those echoes today! “I’m here……”

At d‘Verse today, we are writing prose. Frank asked us to write a piece of only 144 words reflecting on and including the quote from Maya Angelou. Today is Martin Luther King Day in the US.
Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

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40 thoughts on “I Am Here!

  1. Tremendous juxtaposition from mountains to MLK, forever entwined;’ and I like the way you used parts of the prompt as refrains. If you had left it that way, without the MLK closing, it would still have been clever enough to rock the prompt.

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  2. I’ve climbed a hill but never a mountain, Dwight, although I feel like crying out when I reach the top of any incline these days!
    I agree with Glenn bout the juxtaposition of mountains and maartin Luther King, and the way you used parts of the prompt as refrains.

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