Oil of Soul and Spirit


Music speaks to everyone. Adults and children alike find it inspiring and motivating. Some find it to be a worshipful experience. I hear songs from the past and can tell you where and when I listened to that music. Even babies love music and bounce along to the beat. This is my son and his friend getting into the music of the old 33 1/3 rpm records of the 70s!

Oil of Soul and Spirit

Music is the lubricant of my soul

The elixir of spirit

Lifting me up when I am low

Filling me with joy

Demanding my response

Tapping feet can’t be still

Expressions of feeling

Buried deep in my soul

Smooth as silk lubricating every nerve

Stored on that other side of my brain

Coming forth like bird or roar

Taking me back to a place and time

When first planted in my mind

When the tongue is tight

Words are halting

The elixir of spirit loosens it all

Giving voice to the mute

Releasing joy breathing

Beautiful melodies of spirit and fire

Rising from the depths of my heart

Music is the lubricant of my soul


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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