Signs of Spring


Signs of Spring

It’s the end of January the air is crisp

I turned the garden the vines I clipped

The sun climbs North the days grow long

Signs of spring with sweet bird songs

Some grass is green some weeds are too

Fat buds on vines the sky is blue

But the sure sign Spring will soon be here

Green shoots  pushing through the ground appear

Won’t be long till those buds will  bloom

Seems early for such to grow so soon

We still may have cold wind and snow

Temperatures may drop to freezing or below

Buds will wait till the cold winds pass

They are reminders that winter won’t last

No matter how much the cold winds blow

Daffodils defy  the rain and snow

Reminding us not to worry or fret

We’ll leave the winter with no regret

When Daffodils bloom along the stream

We’ll soon be warm with bright sunbeams


Photo: Dwight L. Roth








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