The Atrocities of Being Right


We have all heard the expression, “History Repeats Itself”. This seems to be as true today as it has ever been. When I think back over the many deaths that have occurred because we think we are right, it is really unbelievable. From the Crusades, to burning people at the stake, to drowning people accused of being witches,  to the holocaust in Germany, to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  to the massacre of Native Americans, to the bombings and beheadings still going on today, it is obvious to me that we have not learned a thing from history. We must work for a more peaceful way of living together. John Lennon, in his song Imagine, had that vision. We sill have to catch it.

The Atrocities of Being Right

Who decides what is right or wrong

This question is decided before we’re born

So who is really right and who is all wrong

Really depends on where you’re born

In India, in Iran, in China or Japan

Truth there is dealt a different hand


So sad the atrocities that have been done

Killing and maiming and burning the one

Who might disagree with our chosen one


How many buildings must we burn

Or suicide bombers take their turn

Life’s not important

We have no regard

As long as were right killing is not hard

All is done in the name of our God

Blessings on us and curses abroad


What atrocities we exact on the brotherhood of man

Torture, stoning, and fire, is our plan

With bombs and guns and deadly airplanes

All because we have the “truth”


We forget that in the heart of every man

Love crosses every span

Love can bridge the gulf of war,

Of bombs, of hate and so much more

Ironic that in every book

Loving your neighbor is what it took

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