On and Off

piet mondrain painting Boogie Woogie Broadway

Painting by: Piet Mondrian, ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’, 1942-43, moma.org

Kim at d’Verse, introduced us to the painting above, and asked that we use it as inspiration for our *Haibun Monday. As I looked at the implication of streets and intersections, I thought that would be too obvious to write about. My wife thought it looked like a circuit board, which really connected with me.
Circuit boards have gone from large boards of soldered tubes, transistors, capacitors, and switches to boards so small you can’t even see the pathways. My hearing aids have four channels and three volume settings, and are hidden neatly behind each ear. Pushing one button controls both at the same time. Now we have wrist watches that can check body functions and even do electrocardiograms. Who knows what they will come up with next.
Hidden solder paths
Connect on and off switches
Summer tree roots ‘twined

*Haibuns are a form of Japanese Poetry with two or three short crisp paragraphs of prose followed by a traditional Haiku, that references a season.

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New Life Emerges

IMG_0625 (2)

East Wind and southern

breezes merge, calling forth life

from dead of winter.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Frank Tassone asked us to write a Haikai poem that refers to the East Wind.

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Back in the Radio Era


It is hard to imagine a time when we did not have all of the electronic gadgets we have today. When I was young we did not have a TV, so the radio was our only source of broadcast information. We used our imagination to connect the dots when we listened to Lowell Thomas and the news. His broadcasts from all over the world were fascinating to hear. The Lone Ranger and “Hi-O-Silver” came through the speakers and tickled my imagination. Music and religious programming also came across the airwaves.

Today we have information overload. So much so, that many things are only view for a few seconds at most. Music comes through earbuds and blocks out any chance of social interaction.  As I watched the Ken Burns special, The History of Country Music, on PBS, it once again took me back to the Radio era, when music came live across the airwaves and was played on vinyl records. I must be really old!!

Radio Music

Coming through ten inch speakers

Forty-thousand Watts

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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An Ode to the Mother Road



Spider’s Equinox

EER_0308 (3)

webs (2)

Golden strands of a spider’s web shine in my window as the sun was setting in the distance. Today, for Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge, we are using the September Equinox as our prompt. Earlier, I watched a writing spider spread her web across my dying zinnias, hoping to catch that one last bug before cold weather closes in for good.

Spiders spin crossroads
Sun sets on golden silk strands
Shining fall colors
September Equinox makes
crossroad tangled deal once more

EER_0305 (3)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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The Cobbler’s Shop



There was a time when I was young

When soles were replaced at the cobbler’s shop

Leather soles and heels all cut to size

Glued, sewn, and tacked to my father’s shoes

Pride and care sewn into each repair

Personal touch //with loving care

Pop polishing shoes at Allensville 001

My father polishing his dress shoes on the back porch!


Photo: lindyshop.com

Photo: From the family album

Today is Quadrille Monday (exactly 44 words) at d’Verrse. Dee gave us the prompt cobble and told us to use our imaginations.  Mine went from food Cobbler to Cobble Stone Streets, and then settled on one from the past, The Cobbler’s Shop. I remember going there with my father to pick up a pair of dress shoes that he has taken to get new soles and heels put on. They always came back as good as new.  Now, with faux leather, vinyl,  and plastic, shoes are just tossed in the trash when they are worn out. Shoe repair is a lost art for sure.

Changing Truth vs Chasing Truth

Piercing the Darkness - 2014

Some people believe truth is whatever one claims for themselves. Others have very rigid ideas of what truth entails. Every religion has what it consider to be it’s truth. I believe the search for truth is a part of everyone’s mind. For this reason, I originally called this poem Chasing Truth. It is sad to me to see how things get twisted, shaped, manipulated and distorted. This poem attempts to share that feeling. The painting reflects truth from a Christian perspective. “The Word Made Flesh…”

Chasing Truth

I run toward truth

                     Arms wide open as a lover’s embrace

Breathless with anticipation

I move through the swamp’s fog

Heading for higher ground


I reach for truth 

Gathering it as bort on the diamond cutter’s floor

Only to find the chips

Are parts of a much larger facet

Shining as they may 

They are only the edges of a greater glory


I grasp truth

 As a child clings to his toy

Thinking no one else will possess it but me

Settling for sparkling dust on the cutting room floor

 And seeking no more


I find truth

Shining in all its faceted glory

Set in nature’s gold and love’s embrace

Only to tarnish it

With Id and Ego

Thinking it is I who makes it shine


I face truth

Dimmed by all its light

Surely if I change it some,

It will suit me much better when not so bright


So, I grind it

 With mortise and pestle

‘Till all it becomes is dust in the bowl

 Never again to be part of the whole


Painting – Piercing the Darkness: Dwight L. Roth

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Rest in Peace My Friend


My good friend and former boss died this past week. It was very sad to hear the news. He was a great person to work for and a great person to learn from. Those of us who loved him will miss him greatly. This is my tribute to him as I reflect on my experiences with him.



Friend brother and boss

Hardworking hard driving visionary

Always looking at the bigger picture

Seeing things many could not comprehend

Organizer manager salesman

Making things work no matter what

Loyal to friends big hearted caring

Church builder engineer and architect

Got things done made things happen

Project planner a stickler for detail

A lifetime of experience a lifetime of stories

Always accompanied by a big hearty laugh

Old school in his thinking rubbed some the wrong way

Cultural attitudes carried over from childhood

Loved singing in the choir

Amazing Betty Jo survived the both of us


Never too busy to laugh and talk with his employees

Sent Mr. Ed for biscuits from Oak Level Café

Ask him a question he had an answer

Usually a very good one

Ask him about his past and he would spin a yarn a mile long

Tales of farming and raising chickens

Hunting and a still down by Pig Bottom creek

Crop dusting close calls

Working for Heinz Pickles in the cucumber business

Stories of pulling tusks out of hogs

Running a convenience store in Nashville

Stories of seeing Celia at Red Oak school

for the very first time

Knowing right then

She was the cutest little girl he had ever seen

Losing his sense of taste in the Chemistry Lab

at Red Oak High School

Marrying young and lived upstairs in his parents’ house

Eating mama’s biscuits sopped with molasses

Made a meal a feast

Riding with son Chris on the biggest Ford tractor in Nashville

Letting Chris drive it in the field when he was very young

Almost too small to reach the peddles

looking like it was driving itself

Stories of the little church on Clinton Court

Sunday evenings singings that never stopped

He and Celia going with Marvin and Betty Jo

to Hardies for ice cream after church

Implanting the vision to build Englewood Assembly

Drawing the plans and seeing it come about

as everyone joined in

Investing his money into the project to help make it happen

Meeting Augustine and his crew for the first time

as the sheetrock was going up

A mutual relationship that lasted many years

as they continued to help each other


Proud of his girls Tammy and Terri

who stepped in to help

when the business was in a crunch

When folks had a need he often stepped in to help

Bunky was not perfect

He was not a saint

He was like all the rest of us

Saved by the grace of God

Made perfect in his sight

Rest in peace my friend!

















Center of My Universe


Center of My Universe

The universe revolves around me

No matter how I try to reach out

Or bring others in

It all comes back to me like it or not

Just when I thought it was my brain

Controlling the planets revolving round me

Instead it is my feet

Running to or away from

Climbing to new heights

Sinking into the depths

Of receding sand on the beach

Sometimes not moving at all

Where the feet go so goes my universe

Taking me to all places both good and bad

The brain might be my gyroscope

But my feet control

Where I will end up

What is the next step?


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

When Books Are Gone


Just imagine a world without books. Do you think that is the path we are taking? Technology is developing at exponential speeds. I Wonder how history will be recorded in a way that will be retrievable in the future centuries. Just imagine if the Dead Sea Scrolls had been box full of floppy discs or flash sticks for outdated machines. If technologies go bust, will there be any smart people left who can think and reason and figure things out without the aid of a computer? We can’t even find our way back home without our GPS!! Imagine that!!

When Books are Gone

In the year 2117 when the chip holds all

And we are dumb and machines are small

Thinking replaced with the gospel of the chips

No need for books we now have clicks

What will happen when books are gone

Transcribed to machines all stored in one

Technology expanding like the galaxy before us

No need for that archaic form to show us

The tips of our fingers wait to tell all

Brains lose function in technology’s crawl

Deduction and inference there seems no need

Who needs a brain with lightning fast speed

Perhaps by then the robot we’ll become

That perfect model yes that’s the one

Straight forward living all creativity gone

Just remember the password that’s on our phone

Machines tell it all just like a bad dream

When they don’t work makes you want to scream

But in 3117 what will they find in our concrete caves

Scattered across our landscape looking just like waves

With no books to open and no words to read

Just plastic and metal and a password to feed

Imagine now how shockingly odd it will be

In the world of the future with no books to read


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


A Trinity of Sorts


A Trinity of Sorts

An all-encompassing Circle of Light

Surrounds the blackness in which we exist

Drawing us to that parabolic Focus

Concentrating all that light into one

Of magnetic attraction radiating Love

That permeates the souls of cosmic dust

With life-giving breath transcending dirt

Enlightening each one with Spiritual Flow

Seeking and finding our place in the universe

Our connection to that ultimate Circle of Light

Reflected to each of us through the center

Allowing a flow of Spiritual Light

Back and forth in never ending connection

Between Creator and dust

A Trinity of sorts


Painting:  Dwight L. Roth