Unasked Questions

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Seems we all remember things we wish we had asked our loved ones when they pass. Today Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. I am sure that her grandchildren and great grandchildren will one day reflect and think about what they wish they could ask her about her life as Queen!

Both of my parents have passed on, and I still think of things I wish I had asked them. When we are young and active our thoughts are distracted with the cares of life. By the time we think about it they are gone, and our chance has passed.

Answers to questions not asked, get scattered with the ashes.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Bjorn asked us to create our own aphorism. An aphorism is a statement that presents a moral or philosophical idea in a metaphorical way. Aesop’s Fables are great examples.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

65 thoughts on “Unasked Questions

  1. May we make the most of the time we have with loved ones- caring, asking, listening – and then live on with beautiful memories and no regrets. Your poem packs it all in so few words with such depth of meaning. ❤️👏🏽

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  2. You’re right Dwight! 🤔👍 We often miss our opportunity to ask our parents & grandparents questions about their youth because we’re just too busy; preoccupied or don’t deem it important enough. Nice post! 👍😁👏

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