Three Seconds

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Life can change in a matter of only three seconds. A year ago, my wife was in an automobile accident that was no fault of her own. The driver in front of her decided to make a sudden left turn right in front of the mail van. The van hit his car spinning him around and smashing into her in the right front fender. Thankfully, she was not injured, but the suddenness of it all made us realize how fast things can happen that can change our lives.

In just three seconds
Our life can change forever
One, two, three// blink// CRUNCH!


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Photos; Dwight L. Roth

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58 thoughts on “Three Seconds

  1. Dwight thank goodness sounds like nobody was injured. I see on the mail van a sticker where the person is a parent to at least one child. They don’t make cars like they used to 😦 That’s why they make you buy that “underwater” insurance in case you get in an accident and owe more on it than it’s worth. Back to your poem, YES, life can change drastically in an instant!

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  2. Poignant write Dwight. Such brutal truth, that all are well to heed with respect and gratitude for our ongoing life.. That photo here is chilling. It stirs extremely difficult memories of the photo of my sons car, after he was hit head-on by a speeding driver, and tragically killed. The entire front half, up to the dashboard, and the roof, was gone! The dashboard was crushed into the front bucket seats. It took me a little over a year to finally look at the photo. I had been warned that it was horrible. Even then, the horror captured in the photo, was unbearable.

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  3. Such truth. I’ve a dear friend, with whom I communicate daily. Last week she mentioned she had a “bit of gastric upset”, and the next day I have a note from her daughter that she was taken to the hospital and had surgery emergently with a perforated bowel! Yes, in the flicker of an eyelash our lives can change forever ….. or end! Good write.

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