The Fair is over // fans have gone home
Charlotte contemplates her grand finale.’
Seven legs instead of eight
Fortunate to have made the escape
Little hairs on her legs she forgot to shave
Those Tan and black three jointed legs
She weathered the storm as Florence blew through
Now she’s sitting // sunning on my spout
looking at you
Silver, yellow, and black coloration
Creamy yellow spots decorate her abdomen
Like war paint on chiefs of a long ago kingdom
Volcanic lead thorax provides protection
Place where legs find their connection
Two hairy proboscises // great food trap
Everyday at lunch as she enjoys her wrap
She appears to have three eyes and maybe more
Though she may be legally blind // but I’m not sure
She looks lost and alone // no web to show
Her writing days are over // it’s time to go
One sac to fill with eggs by the hundreds
The promise of life // another year has ended


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today on d’Verse Sarah lead us in a mindfulness exercise. She asked us to pick a small object and study it for a few minutes noting the details and taking notes . Then we are to follow up by writing a poem using that information.  I found this spider on my water spout the other day so I thought I would study it for my poem.

Join us at d’Verse:

52 thoughts on “Charlotte

  1. really got immersed in your contemplation Dwight. from this creature so small, you created a story almost, of her life up till she came to you. I like the connection with other stories, poems and current events you tied it all to. showing me how nature can connect so infinitely.

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  2. I love the detailed description. There’s wonder in there, and humour, and Charlotte her amazing self, of course, but also I caught a little echo of Incy Wincy Spider. I’m not sure I would have noticed so much beauty without your eye guiding me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh yes, and I have a pet tarantula as well! Ha Ha! I thought about that when I chose the subject. I took the prompt as being the observation that was most important. No I don’t think she will either.


  3. Very gentle and a bit delightful treatment of such a delicate creature. I echo the others, spiders are not something I’m about to hold in my hand, but your poetic tale created much empathy for something often feared or overlooked. I can’t help but wonder what happened to her leg.

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