Life is a Collection

Russian Dolls

Life is a Collection

From birth announcement to death certificate

Life is a collection of items saved or tossed

Valued pieces set aside and preserved

Carefully kept along with memories

Bronzed shoes remembering first steps

Crayoned pictures from primary school

A red heart with an “I love you mom!”

Certificates in a box mark accomplishments

Cards from special people for special occasions

Jewelry passed down from mother to daughter

Memories of Grandmother reading stories

Trips taken, cups and teaspoons collected and saved

Photos in the family album now transferred to digital

Grandmother’s china carefully set for special occasions

A box of keepsakes valued only by me

A pocket knife, a baseball card, cufflinks, a bowtie

Memories soon to be forgotten by those coming after

Preserved history like the rings on a tree

Soon to be cut down and chipped into paper

Recording their memories of the future


Photo of the Russian Dolls and Spike the Tomato : Dwight L. Roth

Read the story of Spike the Tomato on my Amazon Kindle collection….



14 thoughts on “Life is a Collection

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  2. You are so right — all we are (besides Dust in the Wind) are collections and memories. We used to have Polish Bushas (your little stacking dolls) when I was young. Those, along with memories of those times, are lost somewhere back in the fog. But a flash like today helps one remember…

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    • Thanks so much for your great comments. We need to enjoy our things while we have them and if they are treasured beyond us that is great, If not we won’t be here to worry about it! (“All we are is dust in the wind!”) Great song!!


  3. Your poem made me think that we all just become memories. And time just seems to fly by. It made me want to promise myself to cherish every moment from now on and just try to enjoy life more often.

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