Christmas All Year ‘Round


Christmas All Year ‘Round

Children look forward to Christmas each year

To toys and presents and Santa’s good cheer

To cookies, candy, and signs that are bright

Trees with tinsel and bright colored lights


Christmas pageants where stories are told

Of angels, shepherds, and the stable so cold

Of Mary and Joseph with the New Born King

Wise men from the East precious the gifts they bring


But why do we leave Christmas in December

The joy of Christmas we should always remember

The baby did not simply stay in the manger

He brought hope and peace to both friend and stranger


The gift of God’s grace coming down to Earth

To live in our hearts makes it worth

Remembering the joy all year round

Bringing hope and cheer where ever it’s found


So spread the love both near and far

Share Christmas joy where ever you are

Give of yourself and lend a hand

To both friend and stranger across our land


Photo: Audrey Hartzler Eby

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