Some don’t fit the norm

Expectations run deep;

Thinking all should look exactly the same

Full of petals // one upon another

But what of the ones who don’t fit that form

With petals fragile and few // spread open wide

Some mutations occur without warning

Does it make them of less value or less beauty?

No // beauty doesn’t come in just one size and shape

Uniqueness brings a beauty all its own



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Hibiscus Flower


Intense beauty blooms only for a day

Dancing in the sunshine feeling the sway

Radiant colors of pink // blood red hues

Fragile butterfly wing petals emerge into view

Open wide to the world unparalleled beauty

Welcoming pollinators one and all to do their duty

Dipping into nectar sweet // genetic dust…

Creating a blend of pollen is a must

Assuring perfection continues down the line

As life goes on and seasons keep time

Such beauty beyond compare boggles the mind

Each flower living // one day’s life at a time

Hibiscus 2

Photo: Dwight L. Roth