Missing Pieces


I saw this beautiful butterfly on my orange Zinnias today, as I was mowing my back yard. He did not seem to mind as I got very close with my iPhone to get a few photos. Later, when I looked at the photos I noticed he had the outer edge of his right wing missing as well as one of the tail pieces.  I had to think how this butterfly is just like us with all of our flaws and missing pieces. Best of all, I saw it did not make it any less beautiful at all. With all of our flaws, we too are still beautiful, created in the image of God.

Beautiful creature

Even with missing pieces

We are still worthwhile


iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth





First Friday in Waxhaw

It was a beautiful evening to be painting on the sidewalk in Waxhaw, NC. I decided to try painting my yellow swallowtail butterfly that I had printed on canvas. The printer roll ran out and only printed two thirds of the picture. They gave me the half printed canvas since they were going to have to throw it away. I drew in the missing part of the wing and using acrylics, repainted the whole thing with the colors that were already there. Here is the result. Poetry in motion!


This is my finished painting of the Photo in the background.

IMG_2978You can see on this photo the missing part of the right wing and the flowers above. The waterfall in the background is also one of my paintings.



This was the finished product after I painted over the whole print with the same colors that were on the original photo. As you can see I love painting as well as writing poetry. I do a lot of my paintings on recycled canvases that I buy at the Habitat For Humanity Restore where I volunteer, and fix things for them to resale, two afternoons a week.