My squirrel saga continues. After two months of no squirrels showing up at my feeder, one started coming back. The other day when I looked out I saw him eating and was surprised to see what looked like pretty severe flesh wound on his back. As you can see, it was deeper than just a surface scratch. My guess is he is part cat and has used up one of his nine lives. I think he more likely escaped from a hawk that had him in its talons. It did not seem to slow him down. He acted like nothing had happened.

Lesson to be learned from a wounded Squirrel:

Don’t let your wounds slow you down

or keep you from moving toward your goal in life.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Edit:  After posting a reader suggested it may be a wound from a bot fly whose larva uses the squirrel as its host. Check it out on YouTube.com






Battle Scars


Our battle scars need not define us. As I looked out the window and saw this beautiful swallowtail on my flowers, I was surprised to see a chunk taken out of its wing. It may have eluded its predator by giving up a piece of itself to be able to live another day. In spite of its damaged wing it seemed to be feeding and functioning normally. It will lay eggs and pass on its life to the next generation. It’s scarred and injured wing did not define it’s destiny. It is going on to fulfill its role in the world that it was created to do.

Battle Scars

If you live long enough

Life will give you battle scars

Some physical others psychological

Those who succeed in life

Learn to live beyond their battle scars

Some suffer all their life

From trauma of war or words or events

Battle scars are worn like a badge of courage

Reminding others there is life after death

The death of one’s confidence

The death of ones friend

Courage arises after the trauma of battle

An accident or calamity can occur in a moment

Separation and divorce leaves ragged edges

But you are still beautiful you are still loved

Family and friends help bind up your wounds

The good within still exists in spite of the scars

God still loves you just as you are

Don’t let your battle scars define you

You are more than your imperfections


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



Some Choose to Bleed


I am sure you know people who will end up dumping their pain onto you every time you meet. They can’t seem to get over the past hurts and feel everyone should bear it with them over and over again. On some occasions Jesus asked the people who came to him, “Do you want to be whole?” Healing in some cases is dependent on the willingness to let go of the past and move on.  There will be scars, but there will no longer be the necessity of blood-letting every day with everyone you meet.

Some Choose to Bleed

Some like to bleed

To feel the pain over and over again

Never closing the wound

Allowing healing to take place

Bleeding all over everyone who will listen

Knowing every conversation leads to blood

Choosing to relive past wounds again and again


Bleeding daily is not therapy

It is staying stuck in quicksand

Sinking slowly being pulled under

Attempting to drag all who will listen

Down under the suffocating sand

Covered with cobwebs of despair

Eventually they will bleed to death

Or… they can live with their scars

And find healing


Photo: Dwight L. Roth