When I think of morning, I think of Cat Stevens’ masterpiece, Morning Has Broken, which he recorded during his rise in popularity many years ago. It has become a hymn sung in many churches and never seems to grow old. His worshipful praise for the magnificence of the new day dawning is unparalleled.

More often, when I think of mornings I think of waking up slowly to the smell of coffee perking. Since I am a night person, it seems to take a while for me to get motivated in the morning. Breakfast cereal and a glass of orange juice will see me through to lunch time. I like my orange juice as much as I do my half a pot of coffee that I drink while watching the morning news.

Morning has broken

Fall sunshine streams through my pane

Orange juice makes me smile


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Mish at d’verse asked us to write a Haibun (consisting of a short prose and a Haiku) describing our morning. The song above has long been a favorite of mine so I included it as well.

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Coal to Diamonds

Englewood Assembly Choir 001

Some people have the ability to take what they are given and make something really special from it. The was true of the Choir Director at the church we attended for ten years. Betty Jo was a skilled musician who could take those of us who were average singers and create  beautiful music for the Sunday morning worship service. It reminds me of the Hank Williams, Jr. song, “I’m just an old chunk of coal, but I’m gonna be a diamond some day!”  This poem was written for her retirement as Choir Director, and says what I feel about her wonderful accomplishments.

Coal to Diamonds

Sunday after Sunday week after week

The choir at Englewood Assembly sings

A gift as unto the Lord

Some churches seek professionals

An appointment a try-out

Perfect pitch required

At Englewood Betty Jo takes any willing voice

Welcomes them into the choir

Knowing miracles really do happen

Chunks of musical coal hoping to become diamonds someday

Her group of singers honing their voices

Blending many into one

Some stand out facets shinning in the Son Light

Lifting their voices to the Lord

Diamonds formed with pressure and time

No matter whether there be few or many

Betty Jo encourages each and everyone

Knowing Coal becomes Diamonds in His Light

Every Sunday Morning at Englewood Assembly

A choir of sparkling diamonds sings

A master embodying the Master

Gathering jewels for His Crown