Nothing Lost in Translation


Words, as powerful as they are,  lack something when translated. Earlier this week there was a discussion at d’Verse Poetry Pub about the difficulty in translating poetry from one language to another. To me, it is almost impossible to translate accurately even when getting all the words correct. In some instances there are no words to translate an expression of a given language. When it comes to nature…

Nothing is Lost in Translation

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Which shows that only words

    can be lost in translation

But the best poetry of all is nature in full array

A sunset //a mountain vista // a flower in bloom

In the poetry of God // nothing is lost in translation








Trip to the beach 7-4-10 015

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

History Repeating Itself


History Repeating Itself

This is a spinoff from a poem I read this morning, written by Mary at d’verse. Her poem spoke of volcanic words that flow relentlessly losing their meaning and leaving souls with collateral damage. This reminded me of the way words are spoken across all genres over and over again, by politicians, cultures, religions, and the media. Each new generation puts its own spin on the story, but never seems to tell it all.

Words // like sand in an hour- glass 

Flow with constant hum

So little restraint

Saying what’s happening

But not what’s going on!

Each generation flipping the glass

Repeating the same clichés

Espousing “truth” // with the same lies

Flowing with constant hum

     …and little restraint

Telling us what’s happening

Never what’s really going on…

As History // once again

Repeats itself



This is Mary’s poem if you would like to read it:


Poetry on d’Verse (a Quadrille)


Like a coffee lover’s dream

Poems of all blends

Streaming in

Words of strong bold flavor

Pain and pleasure detailed

Full of energy // inspiration

Medium blends of flowers,

Birds, sunsets, and shadows,

Mellow blends of moon and stars

Dreams reincarnated

Savored stimulation



Photo: from the d’Verse~Poetry Pub site

Today’s challenge from Victoria is to write a Quadrille (of 44 words) using the word poem in it. Come visit us at d’Verse~Poetry Pub and join the challenge. It is a very inspiring group of writers who share and read together.


Writing Poetry


I wrote this quadrille this morning, before I knew what our prompt of the day would be on d’Verse. Bjorn suggested that we look at silence in the poetic line and the different ways of marking those breaks.  It is know as Caesura, the breathe of the poem. It includes standard punctuation as well as other markings. I went back and put in the silent spaces and pauses in my poem. This is my first attempt at this, so I hope it is what is expected.

Writing Poetry 

My words // chosen carefully…

Like stepping on wet rocks

crossing a stream.

Hoping this one // will sustain me

to the next.

I am not interested in a big splash!

Simply making it across

One solid word at a time

Reaching my desired destination.


Check out our group site on d’Verse~Poetry Pub at:

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Landmines (5-2 poetry)


It is amazing how traumatic words and experiences get embedded in our minds. A word or a comment can take your right back reliving that moment as though it was yesterday. I look at words like that to be unexploded mines in our psyche. The problem with these mines is that even though they are triggered, they keep resetting to be triggered again and again. This should remind us of how important our words are to others. Words spoken can be excused, denied, or even forgiven, but they can never be taken back.

Landmines  (5-2 Poetry)

Though you’re gone for years

Words remain

In my vast mind field


Waiting for one misstep


One trip

Triggers disruption


Scattering Shrapnel


Memories of you

Long dead

Revive in an instant





Words Last Forever

Some words are remembered forever

Tattooed on our mind

Words of resolve…”We the People…”

Words backed by commitment sacrifice and death

Words connect to the heart

“I Love you” spoken for the first time

Remembered forever in our mind

“It was the best of times It was the worst of times”

Introductions to stories we will never forget

Words of compassion for the loss of a loved one

Create a bond that remains to the end

“Four score and seven years ago…”

Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg

Honored those who died in that bloody conflict

Words never spoken are also remembered

Parents who never said “I love you”

Regrets for a lifetime once they have passed

Words of degradation and meant to hurt

Embedded like splinters in the brain

Chronic irritations that never go away

But can be forgiven

The importance of our words is

A great responsibility that changes lives

What kind of words do you impart

Words of hurt or words of hope

Make the world a better place

With words that build encourage and help

Bring people together

Words of healing and forgiveness

Bringing life and light to all


Fall Iris Blooming

Photo: Dwight L. Roth





Wonderful utterances lighting the mind

Reaching into the soul driving emotions

Running down memory’s path with lightning speed

Synapses fusing past and present


Stirring our inner being

Springs of love and hate

Driving actions seemingly beyond our control

Bringing together pushing apart


Expressions of kindness

The balm of the soul from deep wells within

The water of life healing springs that ease the pain

Of loneliness rejection and loss


Triggers of desire and attraction

Turning on spigots of hormones

Flooding emotion drowning reason

Bathing in pools of mutual oneness


Whips and chains that bind the soul

Dashing hopes crushing dreams

Ruining self-confidence stealing security

Evil words from the pit of hell


Defining human kind

Separating animal from man

Allowing expression of mind and spirit

Finding common bonds and mutual sharing

In ways only God knows


Pboto: Dwight L. Roth

Sticks and Stones



 One thing that I find disturbing is when parents talk ” junk” about their children. Apparently they don’t realize what they are stamping into those little beautiful heads that they brought into this world.  Labeling them as “the mean one” or “the dumb one” or “the bad one” is so destructive and will be with them all their life!  The Sticks and Stones poem is a farce. Words make a difference.

Sticks and Stones will break your bones

But names will never hurt you


Sticks and Stones will break my bones

And words will hurt me even more

Bones heal

Remembered from time to time

Words leave scars on the soul

Indelible marks

Never erased

Perhaps forgiven

But, always there

Just like it was yesterday

Music and Words

dwights-harmony-guitar-paintingMusic and words go together like mashed potatoes and gravy! You can eat them separate, but, in my opinion, they are so much better when put together. I feel the same about music. I love to listen to classical music and recognize a few of the more popular pieces, but  when   words are added and you have Ode to Joy, the Halleluiah Chorus, or a National Anthem. Pop songs and jingles stick in our brain for ever taking us back in time.  I have seen some guitar festivals with super guitarists, but to me it is always better when they sing along.

Music and Words

Music tickles all of my of my tympanic space

Notes driving pounding every membrane

Notes floating lightly bouncing along

Embedding their unique melodies

Like fossils deep in my brain for all time

Waiting to be conjured up at a moment’s notice

Classical music beautiful and majestic

A multitude of instruments playing on cue

But the soul of music is in the words

Words give direction to music

Taking me back to the exact times and places

To that first love that first heartbreak

Music the story of my life

The first two notes the first two words

That preceding guitar lick

Remembered forever in my soft hard drive

Evoking feelings from the deep recesses of my soul

Stirring joy tears raw emotion

A spiritual touch like no other


Harmony Guitar Painting by Dwight L. Roth