Music in the Key of C

Music, when combined with poetry, leaves imprints on our hearts and souls. I remember the exact time I first heard Folk Music. Three high school kids had formed a group and were singing the Folk Songs of the 1960s. When I heard Blowin’ in the Wind for the first time, I was hooked. Peter, Paul and Mary along with Joan Baez reinforced what I had heard. It became forever embedded in my soul. I have been playing and singing these songs for over fifty years.

Words and melodies take us back or make us dream of something more. Songs lift our spirits, challenge a nation, and sometimes make us cry. What would life be like without a song to sing? Michael Jonathan, of the Wood Song Old Time Radio Hour says: “You can’t fight and sing at the same time!” You can on the other hand walk hand in hand and protest injustice while singing! Perhaps our nation needs some new songs to sing.

Music notes like words

Never ending melodies

Sing of summer’s end


Painting of G Clef: Dwight L. Roth

The Joy of Music

G Cleff Painting!

Music is so special that it has its own compartment in the human brain! The inspiration of music lifts the spirit and warms the heart. It can also bring healing to heartbreak and take us back in time to exact times and places when we first heard it. It brings us into connection with our God and brings joy to our hearts. Stroke victims can sing even when they can’t speak.  This is a painting I finished today. It is a recycled canvas from the Restore. I wanted to capture not only the figure, but the movement of the music. Can you name this tune?

Music and Words

Music tickles all of my of my tympanic spaces

Notes driving pounding every membrane

Notes floating lightly bouncing along

Embedding their unique melodies

Like fossils buried in my brain for all time

Waiting to be conjured up at a moment’s notice

Classical music beautiful and majestic

A multitude of instruments playing on cue

But the soul of music is in the words

Words give direction to music

Taking me back to the exact times and places

To that first love that first heartbreak

Music the story of my life

The first two notes the first two words

That preceding guitar lick

Remembered forever in my soft hard drive

Evoking feelings from deep places in my soul

Stirring joy tears raw emotion

A spiritual touch like no other


Painting – Dwight L. Roth