Spring Travelers

Now that Spring is on the way, I am anxiously waiting for this beautiful bird to appear. The Rose Breasted Grosbeak comes through each spring and stops to eat at my bird feeder. He shows up around Easter, when my lilac is blooming. His gorgeous colors make him stand out against the green foliage of Spring.

Spring traveler stops

Enjoys seeds at my feeder

Summer home awaits

Fregrance of Springtime

Perfumes the air with sweetness

Kiss Covid goodbye

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

The Last of the Berries

EER_0799 (2)

My pyracantha bushes were loaded with berries this summer. As winter came on, and food got scarce, the birds gradually began eating them. Today I was delighted to see three bluebirds on the bushes feeding on the last of the berries. I am thinking that they might be migrating north already.  We are expecting warm weather this week in the high 60 F and maybe even 70 F. Spring is on the way!

Bluebirds stop and eat

Last of the summer berries

Food for the journey


EER_0882 (2)

EER_0880 (2)

EER_0869 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Reminders of Spring


The warm days over Christmas have given the flower bulbs a jump start. I saw these daffodils pushing through the ground in my flower beds. It was a pleasant reminder that winter will not last long and spring is on the way.

While we celebrated with family and friends

Daffodils remind us the seasons never end

New growth has started generating new flowers

Pushing through the ground with warm sun and showers

Many cold winter days still to come

Plants will shiver as they wait for more sun

So… if January days give you the blues

Remember that spring will be here on queue


iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Frogs of Spring

Moonlight River Painting - impasto (2)
Shivering in the grip of winter
Avoiding the cold wind
I sit in my chair and remind myself
That soon this too will end
When the hoarfrost is gone
With the ever rising sun
The earth will thaw
The woods will ring
With a hauntingly familiar hum
A chorus of frogs
Singing their mating calls
Looking for one another
To celebrate the thaw
When I hear that song rising
In the cool clear air
I know spring is near
Flowers will soon be here
As frogs of spring shout out their joyous song
Joy springs in my heart
I know it won’t be long
Till with the frogs of spring
I too will sing along
With that symphony of joy by the woodland’s throng

Impasto Oil Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Painting Summer

Country Mountains painting

What do you do when you get a couple of days of warm weather in the middle of winter? You paint Summer! Yesterday was an unusually warm seventy degrees Fahrenheit. I decided to paint a photo on Masonite board that came into the local Habitat Restore. I kept the landscape and added the barn for a point of interest.  I took out a few of the cows in the field. It was sixty degrees today, but warm enough to finish the painting.


Winter takes a rest

Warm air sneaks in for a day

I paint summer dreams


Painting: Dwight L. Roth


Nature’s Resilience


In my flower bed I saw that daffodils were pushing up through the ground, in spite of the fact that we had snow five days ago that shut everything down for three days. When I stooped down to take a close-up photo, I discovered that there was a hidden crocus blooming among them.  How amazing to see nature’s resilience.

Nature’s Resilience

Winter showed herself with snow and ice

Closed down schools as airports de-iced

We were cautious // afraid to come out

For fear we might fall or get stuck while in route

We stayed all cozy and warm in our house

Crocuses and daffodils hid quiet as a mouse

The sun came out with snow on the ground

Kissed shoots and warmed leaves in beds all around

Excited and thrilled flowers opened their petals

Showing hope of spring in those cold shadows


Nature has cycles that each year never miss

Flowers bloom early with the bright sun’s kiss

No matter the cold or ice or snow

Nature is resilient // as spring will soon show



Photos taken today with my iPhone!  Dwight L. Roth