Marriage Investments


Being married is like investing in the stock market

What’s happening is always fluctuating

There are ups and downs // highs and lows

The only way to gain is to stay in for the long haul

Some choose to invest in penny stocks with low return

Others invest in high end stocks that bring rewards

There are those day traders who choose not to commit

Jumping on the next sure thing, hoping for a rise

Marriage like stocks will inevitably tank at times

Those who bail out leave a lot behind

Staying in and riding out the dip brings upswings

Returns rebound as things can get back on track

After a lifetime of ups and downs one hopes

To have a nest egg to help them live comfortably

Reviewing the highs and lows together


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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The Unknown

Dwight & Ruth's Wedding0002 (2)

You might think ignorance and self-confidence are a strange combination, but when it comes to life, they are sometimes the secret to success. When we are young and invincible, we are ready to try anything. As we get older we are less and less inclined. We are fortunate not to know what the future holds.

Ignorance and self-confidence
Take us places where
Rational thinking might slam the door.
Telling us it is too hard
…too much
…too complicated
…beyond our abilities.
Getting married // having a baby
Being a parent // growing old
All come without instructions.
Still // we step into the unknown
Thankfully ignorant of what the future holds
Knowing that somehow // we will make it
To the end //mistakes and all


Photo: Jim Bowman

Dry Spells


Reverse Poetry is something I never heard of before Frank introduced it on d’Verse. It is when you take a set of lines your wrote for a poem and then turn them around and write them all backwards with perhaps with a few minor adjustments. The introductory lines of this poem were barrowed from  a cousin on Facebook. I asked her if I could use them to create a poem. I wrote this yesterday.  When Frank asked us to write a reverse poem,  I realized I could turn it around and make it work. So here is my very first reverse poem.

Dry Spell
“Sometimes, dry periods
may endure
beyond your expectations.
Other times,
it might seem
like the rain will never end.”
The cycle of life
With ups and downs
Times for questioning
Times for success
Times to remember
Times to love
Somewhere in between
Is where living takes place
Living takes place
Somewhere in between
Times to love
Times to remember
Times for questioning
With ups and downs.
The cycle of life…
Like the like rain // never ends.
It might seem
beyond your expectations.
May you endure…
Dry spells last sometimes


Photos from my dry, cracking back yard

Quoted FB lines from cousin Rosalyn and

the Washington Post’s Capitol Weather Gang!

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