The Way to the Top

Some inherit their position with little effort

Entitled and inexperienced leaves little empathy

Social status // production // and the bottom line

It’s their way or the highway…

The way to the top usually starts at the bottom

Hard work providing experience and understanding

Brings success

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George Washington at Valley Forge stamp art: Dwight L. Roth

Life is a Poem

DSC_0291 (2)

Life is a Poem
Everything in life is a poem waiting to be written.
Most do not hear the poets call or feel the inspiration
But for those who look and listen there is music ;
poems to be written // deep emotions to be felt
that can only be expressed in words.


Those who pause // make life stand still
and open their soul …
They understand it loud and clear.
as words resonate // echoing through the mind


Poets are like pleasant speed bumps
that slow you down and make you listen;
Sometimes giving you a big jolt
When you least expect it.


Poets are fearless prophets // writing of love and hate
Politics and Religion // joy and strength;
Raising consciousness //challenging norms;
Searching for words that express Truth
Bringing Light to the world.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Inspired by Charlie’s poem “Just Beneath the surface”

Truth or Fools Gold?

IMG_0617 (2)
Finding truth in today’s world
is like panning for gold.
We gather our pan full of sand
our minds swirling around;
Washing out the stones and gravel
sifting through bits of silt.
Hoping to find a glint of truth
in the bottom of it all.
Sometimes // we find a speck
here and there;
Other times, all we end up with
is fools gold!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Ego vs. Self-respect


When someone takes advantage of me I become reactionary. I feel hurt and want to demand my rights. I am ready to stand my ground and say whatever comes into my head.  As the stalemate continues, bitterness entangles my spirit and enhances my feeling of entitlement. When my ego takes over self-respect takes a back seat.  In the end,  I do or say things I later regret. So, what is the solution?

Ego vs. Self-respect

Offence committed

Feeling hurt

Debt owed still unpaid

Ego demands respect

Rights and entitlement

Adrenalin pumping

Brain fog of bitterness

But wait…

It’s not all about me

Someone else’s choices

Egos and resistance

Complicate the mix

Understanding needed

Forgiveness brings freedom

Debt canceled paid in full

Mind at ease

Ego back in the cage

Now I can look in the mirror



Aretha sang, “R.E.S.P.E.C.T,” many years ago

Crying out for acknowledgement

Elevating women to a place of equality

Respect… not something earned

Rather something given

Respect… a word that brings life

Allowing for mutual understanding

Appreciating the value of one another


Many have died in confrontations with police

Black lives, Blue lives, and many more

Conflict and reactions bring escalation

Disrespect stirs the soul’s darkest response

Death and carnage often follow

How many would still be alive

If they had given R.E.S.P.E.C.T


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