Finding Common Ground

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The death of Congressman John Lewis, bring a reflection of the intense turmoil  he lived through during the Civil Rights era. The struggle for respect and equality still goes on sixty years later.  As I look at the division that still remains, I realize it will not be resolved  without God’s love changing our hearts allowing us to live together in peace.

Some views are shotguns blasting away

Others sling shots pelting against the gate.

Let’s have a conversation they say…

Come together // find common ground

Solve our differences together.


How does that happen with shotgun politics

and sling shot twitter, that couldn’t hit a brick wall.

When our view is the only right view,

Each conversation become one of persuasion or condemnation…

A ticket to ride our train non stop to our destination.


Legislated change without heart change, brings little hope.

History keeps repeating with every rotation.

Change comes with give and take // listening and hearing

Appreciating uniqueness // instead of condemning it.


Only a revolution of the heart will bring peace from division.

Perhaps, “love your neighbor as yourself”

are words that could make our world a better place…

Opening the door to finding common ground…

Bringing the “Hope and Change” we really need.

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Here is a favorite song from the Folk era by the Youngbloods called Let’s Get Together

Perhaps what is missing in this generation is the truth in Folk Music… Music that brought people together!

Smoke and Mirrors


A preacher once told his congregation, ” You can pretty much count on the fact that what’s happening is not always what’s going on!” This is really true when it comes to politics and the News Media. We have heard many accusations being thrown at the media for broadcasting fake news. With news that continues twenty-four hours a day everything gets turned into news. Today, President Trump’s Twitter account was shut down for eleven minutes by an exiting employee. It made the evening news! What more can I say!

Smoke Screens                 


A circus of smoke and mirrors

Half-truths polished and shiny

Stretching every word out of context

Smoke screens of the insignificant

Always hiding reality

Behind a cover of lies

Showing only fragments

Promising pots of gold

At the end of the rainbow

False hope in a holey bucket

Filled with wishes and fantasies

Pouring steadily out the bottom

Mirrors in a TV funhouse of fright

Giving only distorted views fake news

Twisting everything out of proportion

Don’t believe the hype

Look beyond the smoke and mirrors

Dig out the shreds of truth

Always remember

What you see is not what you will get

And what’s happening is not

What’s going onIMG_0547

Photo: Dwight L. Roth