Chasing High Tide

There is nothing more beautiful than full moon light riding on ocean waves. As fall comes on, and tourists crawl back into their cocoons, the lunar cycle continues with two full moons in the month of October. The Harvest Moon comes on the first and the Blue Moon comes on the thirty-first.

Full Moon surfs high tide

crashing on glistening wet sand

Coconut Palms sway

Paintings – Dwight L. Roth

Tonight at d”Verse Frank Tassone asked us to write our Monday Haibun using the moon as our prompt. Two full moons are happening this year in the month of October. I took two of my paintings and changed them into black and white for effect.

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The Knocker


EER_0503 (2)

The door of the Cologne Cathedral has some interesting symbolic symbols. The ornate brass knocker is a lion’s head, The lion symbol of strength goes deep in the Jewish tradition as the “Lion of Judah,” and is carried on in the Christian faith in the book of Revelation.  The door handle was very unique as well with the bird’s body and a man’s head. I am guessing it might be the head of St. Francis, who was said to be a friend to the animals and birds. Even the old Key hole and lock is symbolic. The early Apostles were told they would receive the keys to the Kingdom of God.  Perhaps that is what is represented here.
Brass Lion opens
door of a place of refuge
Summer brings tourists

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Koblentz Fortress

EER_0554 (3).JPG

The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress was an amazing structure of engineering. This huge structure is built high above the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. The Teutonic Knights set up their first base here in 1216! Following the tour we were able to ride the gondola down across the river to the other side below. Along the way we passed the large bronze statue of Prince William I… (Kaiser Wilhelm I).

Old Fortress remains

Telling tales of Knights of old

Tourists stand in awe

Overlooking two rivers

Eight-thousand years // flowing


EER_0559 (2).JPG

EER_0589 (2).JPG










EER_0616 (2)


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Did you see the little green lawn mower… ??


The Medieval Town of Colmar

EER_0184 (2)

The Medieval Village of Colmar lies in the heart of Alsace in southern France. Its old buildings are a reminder of centuries old people who used to live here. The unique architecture is one of a kind. We enjoyed seeing both the buildings and the people from all over the world who come to visit.

Medieval Colmar

Unique mix of old and new

If these walls could talk



EER_0158 (2).JPG

EER_0169 (2).JPG

EER_0160 (2)

EER_0209 (2)

EER_0163 (2).JPG

EER_0205 (2)

EER_0181 (3)


EER_0188 (2)

EER_0215 (2)

IMG_0400 (2).JPG


Photos: Dwight L. Roth