When I was a child I loved the decorations on the Christmas Tree. This was back when we decorated with silver icicles, garlands, and lights as big as my thumb. I always admired my neighbors tree. They decorated the tree with balls and lights and then covered the bottom with angel hair. Poetry is special like that full of light and bigger than life.


Poetry garlands

Words strung together

Decorating the tree of my mind

Joy and pain entwined memories

Reminding me of events passed

Sparkly words tingling and jingling

Filling my brain with glitter and shine

Words of comfort sadness and inspiration

Winding gently over the bows

Limb to limb garlands of present and past

Entwined through the light of my life

Reflecting shimmering memories

That I will always want to keep


Contributed Photo: Audrey Hartzler Eby