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Linda at d’Verse gave us six painting by Jacquline Hurlbeck to choose from for our poetic prompt today.  I was drawn to this painting of the bluebird’s journey. We could write a poem of our choosing, so I chose to write a limerick.


There was a girl with blue hair
Who appeared to have nary a care
Till a loose thread was found
By a bluebird flying round
And soon she was left thread bare


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The Eye of My Needle


When confronted with the caustic attitudes of the current political campaign, it is easy to get caught up in negativity. How we respond is our choice. When a friend has been injured by the words or actions of others, it is easy to jump onboard and promote the negativity. I am proposing there is an alternative, sewing the wounds with love and compassion that can bring healing and help.  Negativity becomes a cancer of the soul. Don’t let it consume yours.

The Eye of My Needle

I’m a needle with an eye on the end

Waiting for a thread to pass through

Will the thread I use help to mend

Or as I sew will it leave you blue


Threads of darkness or threads of light

Joining together sewing things tight

Drawn through the eye with utmost care

Choose the thread that can mend the tear


To friends you know who are on the mend

Will your thread be light or a painful end

Perhaps it will be a thread of grace

From a true friend of the human race


Threads of healing or bitterness and strife

Will you be sewing their wound with life

Or, with caustic soda and the twisting knife


They say the eye is the window of the soul

Fill yours with Light that makes one whole