Diamonds or Thorns

Why do we write our poems // our stories
Who will care // Who will read our work
We write for ourselves
remembering life as we want it to be
gathering diamonds or thorns from life’s ashes
knowing the story is never the story;
but rather, a perspective of our past
written and shaped to suit how we want
our history // our feelings //our life
What are you gathering from the ashes?
Are you passing on diamonds or thorns?

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Imaginary Bike Ride

Come ride with me on my

Imaginary blue bicycle

Dream catcher circles

Petals floating in the breeze

Peddles that never go round

Red roses hover on unpruned stems

Baskets confining plastic pots

Pink Petunias’ toxic effervesce

Fragrance of spring

Close your eyes // smell the sunshine

Just remember…

Thorns change dreams to reality


Lillian, at d’Verse, gave us five photos to pick from to write using the theme “Sunnyside Up“. Anything related to the joyous coming of Spring and all the new life it brings.  I liked the colorful blue stationary bike, so this is my Sunnyside Up poem.

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Hiding in My Shell


Most of us experience depression from time to time. Some of us have suffered from deep depression that steals our joy and turns it into deep sadness. This is not just those who have PTS. It happens to new mothers, teens, married couples, working people, and seniors.  The good news is that it can be treated. For some it includes medication and counseling. We are just realizing how important treatment is in this country. Until we provide adequate treatment and help for depression, we are going to see violence and suicide rise. If you suffer from depression. Talk to someone who has the skills to help you through.


This pain

Deeper than anything

I’ve ever know

Envelops my being

Overwhelming my soul,

Consuming my spirit

Destroying all desire to live.

Quicksand sucks me down

Drawing me into the darkness…

Wanting nothing

Giving nothing…

Just that feeling of loneliness

That never goes away.

Hopeless and helpless

My joy turns to a great sadness

Pumping through my veins

Like a long stemmed rose

Long dead….only the thorns remain

Scratching my soul with each beat


Photo: Dwight L. Roth




Glad I’m not a raindrop falling

From ten thousand feet in the air

Landing with a hard splat on the highway

Dividing and joining with others to run

Down the ditches red mud along for the ride

Glad I’m not a raindrop falling on the roses

Soft landings with no bottoms sharp thorns

Splitting drops in half no injury or hurt

Painless tears running down a jagged stem

Only to be swallowed up by thirsty roots

Glad I am not a raindrop falling from on high

Freezing into balls of crystal with no flexibility

Stacking up like congressmen in cold masses

Chilling everything with cold unchanging views

What future promise do crystal balls hold

Glad I am not a raindrop falling into a lake

Pounding the surface in vain spreading abroad

Lost in the masses swallowed in vastness

Identity lost waiting to be reborn once more


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Rose and Thorns


You might remember the song,  Every Rose Has its Thorn. In every relationship there are things that get under our skin or irritate us. In today’s world, when things cause us grief or pain, the solution is to end the relationship and move on to another that we hope will keep us happy. The problem is there are no perfect relationships. Which brings us back to every rose has it thorns. In fact we all have thorns. Working through and living above the thorns are what make a relationship work.

Rose and Thorn

Marrying you

So many years ago

I married a rose

The fragrance of love

Blinding beauty

Sweet innocence

Fragile spirit of power

Confident and alive

But, with every rose

Comes thorns of self-protection

Balancing beauty and pain

Your thorns and my thorns

Entwined together in harmony

To love a rose

One must rise above the thorns


Rose Photo: Dwight L. Roth