Time and Perspective

EER_0208 (2)

“A time for every purpose under heaven…”
A perspective for all of us to consider…

A time for thinking…
Seems everything moves but me
Watching trees turn green

Tinnitus drowns cricket’s song
Tick-or-tape thoughts click on by…


…Which time will it be for me?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Just Imagine

EER_0683 (2)

I am always amazed at the imagination we have and how far mankind has come over the centuries…. then I look at nature!

The thrill of the imagination
Takes us places we can never go
Beyond this earthly home
Out into the solar system
Wrapping our minds around the
Concept of a galaxy in a world far far away
Imagine going into the depths of the earth
All the way to China as we used to say
…Our way of saying very deep
Imagine riding with Voyager
As it continues to sail out into the universe
Beyond our solar system to worlds unknown
Having paid its dues in 2012 sailing on
Singing I’ll fly away oh glory I’ll fly away
Who are the imaginers of the present
With visions beyond this realm
Pushing the outer limits in ways yet to be
Not content to live in Earth’s isolation
Rather seeking ways to imagine
The reality of a Star Trek generation
That will stretch our imaginations even more

All of our achievements amount to very little when compared to the world around us, and the universe… which is beyond imagination!

I cannot imagine that it all just happened with a Big Bang!!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Faster Than Light-YearsEER_0361.JPG

What is faster than the speed of light?

186,000 miles per second

Nothing in this physical realm

But there is another paradigm

Traveling faster than light

It is the mind /spirit within

Taking us places in an instant

Virtual reality may just be the thing

Just like Dr. Who or Beam me up Scotty

Imagine the top of a mountain

A rocky flowing mountain stream

The smile of a baby

A vision of your parent who has passed on

The mind is a wonderful entity

Transporting us to the depths of the sea

To the outer limits of the universe

To see love in an instant

To touch the mind of God

A prayer a touch of the divine

To imagine a heaven beyond description

To see the pain of a hell already experienced

The spirit takes us inward to see who we are

To remember our childhood vivid and clear

Just like it was yesterday

Time flashes before our eyes they say

All in an instant

All beyond light-years

All beyond anything we have yet to imagine

The mind is instant gratification!   … or torment!


Stamp Art: Dwight L. Roth


Eyes That See

Dwight at Okracoke

Eyes That See

Open the eyes of your mind

To see what is trying to peek in

Creativity begins there

Imagining seeing with an architect’s view

Grabbing the flicker coercing a flame

Starting with a glint creating a diamond

Open the eyes of you mind

Envision realities yet to be

Let them ruminate through the labyrinth

Collecting body forming a foundation

Visions of visions embedded in confidence

Evolving into being like the breath of God

Creating from nothing something of beauty

Seeing is believing with open eyes

Knowing what you see with your mind’s eye

Can become reality and form

Words you write can become visions

Inspiring others to see and believe

They too can create with open eyes


Photo: Ruth A. Roth