IChristmas painting 2014 (2)As darkness deepens
on a world filled with sadness
Advent brings new Light
Hope for a brighter future
Reach out for God’s Love and Grace

Painting Piercing the Darkness: Dwight L. Roth

Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent in the Christian tradition.  Frank Tassone asked us to write a Haikai poem that refers to Advent. For me Advent is all about the contrast between darkness and Light. I did the painting above a few years ago to illustrate that concept.

The Gospel of John says:  …”and the Word become flesh and dwelt among us” This is what Advent is all about! Jesus brought Light and Life to all who will follow after him… a refreshing change in a dark world.

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Capturing Light (2)

Capturing Light
Ever try capturing light in a box
Close the lid tightly to contain it
Light in a box is a paradox
There’s no source there to maintain it
As you snap the lid shut
Think you have it at last
The rays disappear in an instant
For rays alone do not make light
With rays there’s no way save them
For light you see of every kind
From Rabbi, priest, or committee
Does not come from their simple minds
It comes from a source that’s emitting
Reflecting is all we can ever do
Our creator’s the source of our light
When it comes right down to me and to you
The best we can do is to shine bright
Light is not something to capture and hold
Thinking surely we can improve it
How disappointed we will be
Finding blackness boxed up all through it

Painting – Capturing Light : Dwight L. Roth

Christmas Overload


A good friend of mine loves to decorate for Christmas. As you can see, they have lights and figures everywhere. It lights up their whole corner in the neighborhood. I had to think about the hope, peace,  and good cheer that Christmas lights and figurines represent. The meaning of Christmas goes deeper than the superficial celebration of Happy Holiday. This poem attempts to sum that up for you.

Christmas Overload

Cobwebs of lights on the windows and eves

Strung through the front yard filled with leaves

Santa’s on the roof top glowing fat and red

Baby Jesus all wrapped up and tucked into bed


Stars and snowflakes with strings of lights

Bring Christmas overload to the yard tonight

Every inch from the porch to the edge of the street

Covered with lights on every shrub twig and leaf

From the top of the roof to the bottom of the bush


The sparkling lights are every child’s wish

But there is more to be said for Christmas time

Than tinsel and lights and brass bells that chime

It’s the Light of the World bringing love to all men

With grace and forgiveness and coming again

Without love shared there is no peace on earth

So forget the overload and for what it’s worth

Rejoice in the real meaning of Christmas today

Don’t get caught up in the rat race and melee


Photos: Dwight L. Roth