Blinded By Comfort

Today on NPR I listened to a discussion that centered around Thanksgiving. The commentator said that back in 1970, the descendants of the Mayflower arrival in 1620. planned a 350 year celebration. It was to include that first year, when they were said to have celebrated the first Thanksgiving in America, along with the local Native Americans.

A descendant of the Indian tribe, Wampanoag leaderWamsutta, was asked to speak at the ceremony. They asked that he give them a copy of his speech prior to giving it. When they read his speech, they said he could not say what he had written about the following atrocities and massacres that occurred years later. He refused to edit his speech to a more positive tone and instead, with the help of the tribes of New England, started a National Day of Mourning for Native Americans, that continues to this day, on Thanksgiving Day. It doesn’t get much press, if any.

With all the turmoil over Confederate Statues coming down and being moved, one needs to also think of what was done to Native Americans who lived where we live now!

Comfort blinds the eyes

Thankful that we don’t remember

those who were slaughtered

Thankful for all that we have

Memory loss keeps us silent


Comfort blinds our eyes

Memory loss keeps us silent

Our “God given rights”

Guns still sit in our closets

Should anyone come calling

  • I should say, I am very Thankful for the blessings of life, faith, liberty, and family. But the dark side still haunts me!

National Day of Mourning (United States protest) – Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

The Joy of Friendship

IMG_6232 (2).JPG

Today, I am grateful for friendship. Over the years I have had some of the best friends anyone could ever want.  Friends come and go, but the feeling of connection is always there. In the photo above are two friends who live down the street. Danny is my age and is blind, and David lives right across the street from him. They both wanted me to teach them to play the guitar, so last January we started to get together twice a week.  We play and sing all of the old songs of our past. David learned very quickly, but Danny has taken longer due to his sight disability. We have adapted, by letting Danny play the home chord all the way through the songs, while David and I play all the chords. The clash of chords is not noticeable most of the time. We have great fun together.

Grateful for friendship

Young and old bring me much joy

Thanksgiving is here


Photo: Vera Payne

Today at d’Verse, Frank asked us to write a Haibun using a form of gratitude as our prompt. There are so many things in my life that I could be grateful for, but right up at the top is friendship. My connection between friends is second only to family.

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Giving Thanks for Family

IMG_1713 - Copy (2)

Painting together

Thankful for son and grandson

Making memories

Each Thanksgiving reminds us

of blessings past and present


IMG_1709 - Copy (2)

IMG_1708 - Copy (2)

IMG_1720 - Copy (2)

Frank Tassone’s Haikia prompt for today is Thanksgiving. As I was looking through my photo collection, I came across these pictures taken a few years ago. We decided to sit down together and all paint the same picture. Each one faintly resembles Looking Glass falls in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. I am so thankful for all my children and the wonderful things they will do in their lifetime.

Photos: Ruth Roth

Recycled frames from Habitat Restore

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Heart Perspective


Appreciating the blessings of life reminds us that it is not the things we have but the people around us who bring out the love in our hearts. As our families gather, let us celebrate those in our life who have made a difference, both those present and those who have passed.


A heart perspective of love

Gratitude follows


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

A Thankful Heart

Eating with Bunky and Celia

A thankful heart comes from who we are, not from what we have. Whether we have a little or a lot, we can still have a thankful heart. The oil of gladness keeps life running smoothly through all the ups and downs that come our way. I wrote this poem a year ago, but feel it is a good reminder as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Be encouraging and helpful as you gather. Let the oil of gladness permeate all of your relationships.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

The Oil of Gladness

Ever try celebrating when no one cares?

A big event a great surprise

Yet no one seems phased.

Inside you are jumping up and down

Outside you are sliding on a splintered board.

The oil of gladness

A necessary part of healthy living

Sharing joy with those who rejoice

Finding well-earned success.

The oil of gladness

Celebrating with the child who comes in second

Giving away a part of yourself

Bringing joy to others around you

“A thankful heart is good medicine…”


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Thanksgiving on Skyline Drive

Yesterday I spent Thanksgiving with my son and family in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In the afternoon we took a ride to the top of Afton Mountain where we got on the Skyline Drive. This is the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC. It was a little hazy from the forest fires that were burning down the valley, but the winter views are still spectacular. Here is another poem without words. Enjoy!!
















A Thankful Heart

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


A Thankful Heart

When the world closes in with darkness and sin

I am thankful for blessings beyond imagination

Through depression and illness God has restored us

Children and grandchildren bring out our love

God’s grace and mercy sent down from above

Blessed beyond measure more than we deserve

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who serve


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Santa Already!!

santa-clauseChristmas is still almost two months away and Santa is already out! Next week is Halloween and Thanksgiving is still a month away. What’s the rush? What do they hope to gain. It must be attention, because it made me look when I saw Santa on top of our local Mitsubishi dealership.

Santa Already?!

What to my wondering eyes  did I see

Santa on top the Mitsubishi

Blown up Santa bigger than a teddy

Not even Halloween and he’s here already

What are they thinking why so soon

It’s not even cold and he’s here before noon

Thanksgiving is still a month away

And what ‘a you know he’s here to stay

Unless the air that keeps him rotund

Stops it’s flow and he hits the ground

Hopefully he’ll make it till Christmas tide

And won’t blow away before his night ride


Photo on the fly with my flip phone!  Sorry for the poor quality! – Dwight L. Roth