The Unknown

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You might think ignorance and self-confidence are a strange combination, but when it comes to life, they are sometimes the secret to success. When we are young and invincible, we are ready to try anything. As we get older we are less and less inclined. We are fortunate not to know what the future holds.

Ignorance and self-confidence
Take us places where
Rational thinking might slam the door.
Telling us it is too hard
…too much
…too complicated
…beyond our abilities.
Getting married // having a baby
Being a parent // growing old
All come without instructions.
Still // we step into the unknown
Thankfully ignorant of what the future holds
Knowing that somehow // we will make it
To the end //mistakes and all


Photo: Jim Bowman

Going for the Gold (a Quadrille)

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Quadrille Monday at d’Verse~Poetry Pub with De Jackson asking us to use the word murmur in our poem. I chose the Olympics and Chloe Kim winning the Gold Medal in Snowboarding as my subject.

Chloe Kim

Riding on top of the leaderboard

Competitors chasing for the Gold

Snowboarders wipe out one by one

Murmurs permeate the crowd

Will she hang on to the top spot?

Last competitor bites the snow

Victory run almost perfect

Chloe Kim //Wins Gold!!



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