Truth and Lies

Very unsettling to see

truth and lies woven into the same strand

Hypnotized by strong need to believe

when obviously on shaky ground

Being right at all cost

closes eyes to see what went down

Feeling all is lost

Settling into the quicksand around

Truth and lies come in many forms

People believe what they want to hear

Everyone takes their stand

as truth and lies are woven into the same strand


Painting – Dwight L. Roth

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

This week the news has been full of incidents where shootings have taken the lives of adults and children in the Black community.  It was so sad to watch a mother in Chicago crying for her young child, who was shot killed in their car.  Or the young boy who was organizing and effort for Black Lives Matter, only to be shot and killed by crossfire from persons shooting at each other.  Why do we turn a blind eye when black people kill each other, but march in the streets if a black person dies in police custody.  Seems there is a major disconnect here.

10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Hit By Stray Bullet In Logan Square

Who raises a voice in protest

for the young girl who was hit in the head

by a stray bullet in her front yard // caught crossfire?

Who stands in protest for the mother

whose car was ambushed and shot up

killing her one year old child

Who carries a sign for the young

boy who hoped to make a difference,

but instead was shot by a stray bullet

Who calls for change when gunshots

ring out in a crowd in *Charlotte

killing two and wounding eleven victims last week

Or again today, as more shots were fired

and more lives lost …

Only to receive passing mention on

the evening news.

Do Black Lives Matter

When they are taken by their own?

Who is willing to take a stand

To say enough is enough?

As mothers cry for their children!

I say enough is enough!


Six children were killed over the 4th of July weekend!

No arrests… No one will come forward with information. Very Sad!!

*We have had over 60 homicides here in Charlotte this year!

7/13 three more killed over the weekend. The youngest 16!  No Suspects!

CBSN Chicago






Lillian gave us the challenge to use Superhero or Superpower in a poem for the d’Verse Poetry Pub.  There is a power greater than ourselves that I chose to write about.  I believe true Superheroes are real people of faith who believe in themselves and tap into the power of God in their lives. They help make the world a better place.

Clark Kent steps into the Phone Booth

In a second he comes out

Wearing a Cape…

Tights and a gymnast suit

The Batcave // the Batmobile

The Spider Suit and Webs

Shields and Armbands…

All of this paraphernalia of a Superhero

Doesn’t make the hero // anyone can dress up

The real superpowers come from within

Confidence and Strength don’t need suits

Knowing who you are comes from your roots

With confidence you can fly

Your strength can move mountains

Confidence stands against evil

Strength walks hand in hand with the oppressed

Where does the strength within come from?

it comes from…

A super power greater than ourselves

My strength comes from the Lord

Who made heaven and earth

God is my source


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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