Stay on Track

Stay on track

It will make all the difference

Guidance and direction

All there for you when you’re on track

It demands focus and discipline

Jumping the track is not a good option

Usually ends in disaster and lament

Floundering and lost like a fish out of water

Tracks give you purpose

A destiny to move toward

Staying in the groove rolling forward

With a solid base of confidence

This track you are on

Will take you where you want to go

Hook up with others on your way

They too are moving with you

You can switch tracks

Moving in different directions

But by all means find a track to follow

A destiny to move toward

Just avoid getting on a side track

That goes nowhere

Find an engine that will take you there

People who can support you

And a purpose worth moving toward

And you will succeed

If you don’t give up

Photo; Dwight L. Roth

Your Roots

Beneath every tree are roots

Holding… interlocking… feeding

Bringing strength foundation

Roots the source of all beauty we see

looking at a tree

You’ve heard, “Behind every successful man

is a good woman.”

My mother was that good woman

holding interlocking our family

feeding… caring for each one.

My father was a pillar of the community

on strength and nourishment

of my mom who was always there for him.

An unsung hero

she was the roots of our tree.

Without her none of us would be

standing as we are today.

My Father and Mother on their 40th

My father died at age 70. My mom lived to be 93!

Photos; Dwight L. Roth

My Faith


Faith is the floodplain of Grace
Where I plant my roots to grow
Giving me the strength I need
To find meaning and purpose in life
Faith is the floodplain of Grace
Where conscience and moral values
Are cultivated throughout my lifetime;
Bringing meaning and purpose to life
Faith brings meaning and purpose to life
Sharing in a community of likeminded
Believers who support and encourage
One another to become all we can be
Faith is my connection to God
Community is the cement holding us,
The lively stones // the believers in Christ,
Together in love and fellowship
Faith is the floodplain of Grace where I am rooted
The source of who I am

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Top of the Heap (Tanka)


IMG_1024.JPGThe successful person never forgets those who have contributed to his success. Those who fail often think they did it all on their own.  Never destroy the foundation that gave you rise! Surround yourself with people you can trust. Don’t forget to acknowledge their contributions.

Riding high above

Fat Cat on top of the heap

Digs // pulls himself down

Removing those who helped him

Unaware demise is near


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



In 1967, when I was in college, a group called the Youngbloods recorded a hit song with the lyrics Let’s Get Together and Love One Another Right Now…  It came out just as the Viet Nam war was ramping up. A call to peace and love, it was a reflection of the flower child generation of the day. I saw on TV that there is a commercial that is using this song as a musical backdrop. The words are wonderful, but as you can see we still have not gotten the message. This poem reflects this same sentiment.  Listen to the song at the end of the poem.


Think how great our world would be

If we supported one another more

And left the criticism at home

As we go out the door


Think how great our country would be

If we prayed for our president more

Seeking wisdom, guidance, and freedom from war

Where congress works for the people they serve

Instead of special interests making deals on the curb


Think how great our world would be

If people of all faiths could finally agree

Where those who believe differently

Embrace one another and agree to disagree

Listening to one another without controversy


Think how great our world would be

How much less stress we all would carry

If the networks broadcasted the good people do

Instead of murders killers and political brew

Think how much better the world would be

If following the Golden Rule was our creed

Loving one another with God’s love and forgiveness

Treating our brothers with care and acceptance


We all know this is only a dream

Our dangerous world sometimes makes us scream

But it is nice to think about, if only for a moment

A utopian world where Love is prevalent


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Reigniting the Fire


Reigniting the Fire

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.

It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  

We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” Albert Schweitzer


It is amazing the way encouragement and affirmation moves one beyond himself to do things he has only dreamed about. This is the situation that occurred in 2013. It was at that time that an open mike poetry reading evening was started at the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center in Indian Trail, NC. We began attending and reading our poems together as the group grew into twenty-five to thirty-five people.

I had only written a few poems before that time, but with the encouragement I received there I began writing a new poem each month. It was a wonderful group of people who loved poetry. Everyone from ten year olds to seventy year olds attended.

The poem above describes what I experienced in this affirming group.I would like to thank Kym Gordon Moore and Susan Didier along with the poetry reading group that met at Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center for their encouragement and support in reigniting my inner fire. Kym Gordon Moore is a local North Carolina Poet. Susan is the director for the Cultural Arts Center.

Because of my connections with them I have gone beyond my wildest dreams in what I have been able to do since then. I will be forever grateful for their word of  encouragement and believing in me.

Check out Kym’s site on Word Press:


Photo: Dwight L. Roth




Roots are often hidden away under the ground. Although they provide strength and foundation for the tree, we give them little thought. When a storm causes a tree to fall we are able to see the massive root system. My mother was the root system of our family. She worked tirelessly in the background to help her husband and her family. This poem is a tribute to that strength and endurance.


Beneath every tree are roots

Holding interlocking feeding

Bringing strength foundation

The source of all beauty we see

 Looking at a tree


You heard “Behind every man

          is a good woman.”

My mother was that good woman

Bringing a foundation of strength to our family

Feeding caring for each one

My father a pillar of the community

Became all that he could be

Because of strength and nourishment

From my mom who was always there for him


An unsung hero she became the roots of our tree

Without her none of us would be

Standing as we are today


Opposites Attract


Why are we still together after all these years? I  heard a song that says, “Love will keep us together..” But, I believe it takes more than love. The things that attract at the beginning of a relationship often become the things that irritate us later. I would contend that it takes more than love to keep us together. Read my poem and find out.

Opposites Attract

Amazing how we’re wired

Opposite poles you and me

Attracted for a lifetime

Stuck with each other

In the best way possible

Love, hate, stresses and joys

All because we are so different

Sometimes in sync

At times all turned around

Sometimes like cats and dogs

At others like two peas in a pod

Underlying this oppositeness

A foundation of commitment

Superseding anything our oppositeness brings

Entwined like the roots on the forest floor

Strength in the time of storm

Blooming together joyfully in the sunshine

God ordained

Love without end


Photo: Dwight L. Roth