The Edge of Light

IMG_4965 (2)

Dark sleep rises at the edge of daylight
Dreams of life that chased around the labyrinth
gone // lost forever // not to be recalled
Squinting I see the light of a new day
Hesitant to open my eyes, I reluctantly rise
Walking through the door of a new day
Into a room filled with welcoming light
Grateful to be alive my spirit rises

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Lara at d’Verse asked us to choose a room to write about. Rooms almost always have doors to pass through, so this is the theme of my poem. This poem began this morning as I was trying to wake up! It also took me to a deeper meaning as I come into the winter of my life.

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Old Barn Memories

Farm - Barn shot from Granery 001
In the backroads of the barn the mice feed on the grain
Sparrows fly in and out cutting the sunlight with their wings
Pigeons coo and flutter high up on the rafters of the hay mow
Dust and chaff float like pixie dust as the breeze blows through
Outside the granary the four-wheeled scales waits
For the next burlap sack to be filled with wheat or oats
The round-bottom steel bushel shines bottom-up in the grain
And the chicken crate stands empty by the door


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Our True Colors

Our true colors become evident
As the sunlight of God’s Love
shines through us;
Allowing us to be all that we can be…
Radiating unique beauty and warmth to all.
Without Love, we are like cold pieces glass
Captured beauty hidden from the world.

Today, at d’Verse Poets Pub, we were shown Chihuly’s work, The Sun, which stands outside the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada. We were asked to write a Quadrille of exactly 44 words and use the word sun as our prompt.

Dan Chihulys - The Sun

Dan Chihuly’s – The Sun

We recently visited the Strasbourg Cathedral in France where we marveled at the beautiful stained windows that shown in the sunlight. It reminded me of God’s love that shines through us, bringing out our unique beauty. Amazingly on the outside there is little or no color at all.

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