Squirrely Games


The squirrel fishes out the sunflower seeds from the suet feeder. Paws covered with suet, he gobbles down the seeds as fast as he can. Today, I decided to play mind games with him, so I went out on the deck and stood there watching him and shooting photos as he ran back up the chain and onto the roof. I was only eight feet away from the pole he used to climb up on the roof, but he still thought he would try to come down. I jumped at him and he went back up on the roof. He ran back and forth trying to figure another way down. The open roof is a dangerous place for squirrels. Another squirrel lost got picked off by a hawk last week. You can see the results on the edge of the rain gutter in front of the squirrel. As soon as I went back in, he was right back on my suet feeder eating again! He has been coming all winter long!

Squirrel gobbles suet seeds
Risks his life for full stomach
Hawk watching the roof









Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Downey Woodpecker


This Downey has been coming to my suite feeder and enjoying my sunflower seeds all winter. I see him and his mate, who has no red markings on her head coming back and forth. They are such a pleasure to watch. During the winter months they come every day.

Downey and Hairy woodpeckers are almost identical in coloration. The Downey is much smaller in size and has a much shorter beak than the Hairy, according to audobon.org . Another indicator is the red patch on the top of the head of the male. In the Downey, the red patch is usually solid all the way across. On the hairy it is split.

Up to his eyeballs
in suet cake, Downey feasts.
Saves headaches for spring





Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Downey Stops for Lunch


This beautiful bird came by today for lunch at my feeder. Winter birds are always a joy to watch. The Downey Woodpecker is a star. His beauty makes him stand out against the gray woods. The perfection of birds always astounds me! They are one of God’s best creations!

Downey loves my suet

Food for winter energy

Poetry in color





Photos: Dwight L. Roth