Life Patterns

Daniel T Stowe Gardens #9 2018 (2)


A mosaic dome

Filled with uniquely complicated pieces

Structured parameters all focusing on center

Cemented together forming a creation of beauty

Letting light pass through illuminating each one

Bringing out our unique qualities

Holding each other together

With gratitude and love

Strong and fragile


Photo: Dwight L. Roth





I’m Still Here


I’m Still Here

You would not believe the things I’ve seen

Over many years of wind and rain

Through snow and cold and summer’s heat

I’m still here I’m their seat

Mothers and babies with diapers to change

Here on my seat they made the exchange

Delighted children with cones in their hands

Melting ice cream on me it lands

Old men and Grandmas in need of a rest

Sit down on me they think I’m the best

Yes it’s been many years since I found my place

I outlived my neighbor I’m still in the race

My paint’s all gone the rust has set in

Gives me character shows were I’ve been

Without even moving I’ve seen the world from afar

From Japan to China they graced my strong bars

So maybe I’m old and a little rusty too

But I’ve seen the world

How about you


Photo: Dwight L. Roth