Rooted in the Rocks

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Along the banks of the James River, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we found this giant oak tree, standing seventy or more feet tall. It was obvious that over the years flood waters washed against the roots exposing them to the elements. The roots adapted by covering themselves with bark. But even more importantly, they embedded themselves between the layers of uplifted rock. As a result of these muscular roots, the tree has withstood the ravages of nature and still stands today!

Oak’s muscular roots

Flex against layers of stone

Branches reach the sky


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Walls Closing In…

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Walls built with stones and mortar of memories
Locking tightly together each painful reality
Stacking // cementing them tightly in place
‘Till the soul is hidden without even a trace
Dungeon of doom condemning the soul
Cold place of solitude where no one can dwell
A roof on top to keep out the light
Beautiful on the outside but dark in the heart
Protected // guarded from any more pain
Windows boarded up to keep out the rain
Though years have gone by the walls still close in
Creating a chasm the soul cannot swim
A castle on the hill of life with walls strong and tall
No windows // no drawbridge // no one comes to call
A lifetime of memories too painful to tell
A soul locked in memories // a real living hell

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

First Kiss


As I looked at this photo, it reminded me of my first kiss. Frozen in time, it will always be there in my memory.  Your first Kiss is a beautiful moment that can change the future.  Perhaps you have had more than one experience; some first kisses might not lead to a future relationship. The emotional connection leaves impressions of that moment that stay in your mind forever.

First Kiss

Our first kiss frozen in stone

Sweet memory of connection

Indelibly etched in my brain

Time and place clear as a bell

Tender moment of fragile affection

Could have gone either way

New beginning or sad end

Overcoming fear and hesitation

A step of courage changed the future

How great to look back

Remember that moment

Smile at the excitement shared

Historic moment set in stone

Changed my life forever



Photos – Dwight L. Roth